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Can Hyaluronidase Help W/ Swelling 11 Months Post Sculptra Trtment Under Eyes? (photo)

47 yr old, model @ Sculptra RN training by plastic surgeon who wanted to inject along the lower orbital bone. I hesitate, is that appropriate since... READ MORE

What to Do to Fix Persistent Swelling from Sculptra Placed Along Orbital Rim 1 Year Ago?

I understand Sculptra and its effects, that it is different than other fillers. MD who injected Sculptra is board certified plastic surgeon &... READ MORE

Dr Injected my Lips with Sculptra and Im Worried the Visable Lumps Are Permanent or Can Erupt into Something Worse Later On?

I asked my Dr for lip filler and he gave me some injections.... almost immediately after, I was like.. wow! they are big.... the swelling subsided a... READ MORE

Is the Volume from Radiesse or Sculptra? (Update with More Pics)

This is a follow up to my first question Is the Volume from Radiesse or sculptra. Here are more pics of my face not smiling. They range from the last... READ MORE

Can Scars Occur After Needling with 2.0mm Needle Followed by Sculptra After One Year?

I carried out needling my face with 1.5mm and 2.0mm needles one year ago and combined this with 2 treatments of sculptra in between needling... READ MORE

Lump on forehead after Sculptra 12 months ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I did sculpture 12 months ago on my forehead and this visable lump is still there. Sometimes is a big massive lump like on the picture and sometimes... READ MORE

I have hard lumps after Sculptra. Could this be the cause?

Hi there I had sculptra in a few years indents around my chin area and smile lines over 1 year ago and now i have hard lumps and im freaking out. I... READ MORE

How long do nodules last after Sculptra?

I had sculptra over a year ago and I keep getting small nodulars. How long does these nodulars last?! READ MORE

Do Sculptra lumps go away?

I got sculptra injections in April 2016. I noticed lumps in the inside of my cheeks a few months after my last vial and the Dr told me they would go... READ MORE

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