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Is Sculptra Safe?

I am travelling to the united states for 12 weeks. I have lost over 3 stone in weight. my face has become full on wrinkles and would like to have... READ MORE

Already Used Sculptra. Can I Use Another Filler in Same Area?

I have had sculptra treatment in my cheeks to counter volume loss (mid face creases) after a succesful diet, but can I now have restylane subq or... READ MORE

Can I Get Scupltra 1 Month After Radiesse To Add Volume To Face?

At my consultation my dermatologist wanted to use sculptra to restore volume to my face. I wanted more immediate results, so I chose radiesse instead.... READ MORE

Sculptra injections as non-invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift?

Recently, I saw an advertisement for a non-invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure, using Sculptra. How effective, long-lasting, and safe is this... READ MORE

Lip Lines After Sculptra - What Treatment Will Remove Them?

4 weeks ago I had sculptra which has improved the volume in my face, although at the corners of my mouth I am beginning to get what I see as a sad... READ MORE

Is Fat or Sculptra a Better Medium to Replace Large Volume Loss?

Knowing there is a correlation between facial fat and aging, is it possible to have an amount of fat or sculptra injected that is equivalent to the... READ MORE

I'm Very Confused and Afraid to Make the Wrong Decision. Researching For Facial Volume?

I've been diligent with my research for facial volume..Sculptra,Fat , Silikon and some of the feedback from patients are horror stories.They claim... READ MORE

Sculptra Volume After 3rd Treatment?

I had 3rd Sculptra session 2 mos. ago. How much more volumizing can I expect at this time (as a % of total volume)? Thank you! READ MORE

Is the Volume from Radiesse or Sculptra? (Update with More Pics)

This is a follow up to my first question Is the Volume from Radiesse or sculptra. Here are more pics of my face not smiling. They range from the last... READ MORE

Sculptra after 6 months?

I understand that Sculptra reaches its maximum volume 6 months after treatment. At that point, does it stabilize and then slowly start to decrease or... READ MORE

Can I use collagenase injection to dissolve Sculptra(or new collagen)?

It's almost 9 weeks after my first Sculptra injection, I don't have lumps or nodules but just very depressed with too much volume added.(just got 1... READ MORE

Does it make sense to use Sculptra to regain volume in cheeks then use something like Voluma to create shape?

I'm a man going through a course of Sculptra treatment to gain volume in my cheeks and lift my face. From what I've read, I should get a good bit of... READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after Voluma ?

Hi , Will please advice me if I can have Sculptra after voluma in my lower cheeks !!!! READ MORE

Is the Volume from Radiesse or Sculptra? (photo)

Last year I recieved 3 sculptra treatments, 1 vial each and was due for a 4th treatment in January. I was dissapointed at the lack of results and... READ MORE

Four weeks post Sculptra, still little volume. Will I get more volume in the coming weeks? (photos)

I had 6 viles in 2011 that made my cheeks nice and full, then i had 2 viles touch up in 2013 that returned my cheeks nice and full. This year i had 2... READ MORE

Full Co2 Laser (Ultra Pulse Not Fractionated) with Sculptra After Recovery or Mid Lift with Fat Graft and Lighter Laser Later?

I have a very thin face and have lost a tremendous amount of volume in my cheeks in the last 4- 5 years. I also have some deep wrinkling (vertical... READ MORE

Got results too fast and overfilled. Will volume growth stop after Sculptra?

I got significant volume growth after 4 weeks of Sculptra (1 vial on cheeks, smile lines and jaw line), and that was my first treatment. The peak time... READ MORE

13 weeks after Sculptra. When can I expect the sculptra to stop working?

I had sculptra done on my cheeks 13 weeks a go. ... 18 Dec 2015 3 months post I had sculptra done on my cheeks 13 weeks a go. It has been working ok... READ MORE

Sculptra only to add volume but now turns saggy because of gravity?

I have done scrupltra once in 2 virals for 2 years. That was a horrible experience. No lifting but bruise and swell. Now I find my lower face has... READ MORE

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