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How Long Does Sculptra Take to Work?

How Long Does Sculptra Take to Work? READ MORE

Is This Normal Swelling After Sculptra or Should I Be Worried?

I had Sculptra injected yesterday in my temples, upper cheek area and it looks great, I know this is water/swelling and will go back down etc.... READ MORE

What Happens when You Have Sculptra Many Months Apart?

I had Sculptra 11 months ago and then again 3 months ago. Will the first set of implants dissapate earlier than the second? READ MORE

How Long For Sculptra Lump To Go Down?

Does a lump of collagen on the skin surface produced by sculptra go down more slowly than the rest of the collagen in your face or will it go down at... READ MORE

Overfilled Sculptra: How Long Before I Can Begin Getting a Top-Up?

I looked so lovely after 7 vials - a year later I fussed about a jowl so the doctor did an 8th vial over my cheekbones to lift the jowl. It made my... READ MORE

Ultherapy Plus Sculptra? (photo)

I had my third and final Sculptra treatment in February. Does it make any sense or is there a downside to having Ultherapy at this point? READ MORE

How Long Until I See Sculptra Results? 5 Months, 5 Vials Later, and No Change.

Hello, I have had 5 vials of sculptra injected in my face. It has been 5 months since my first injection and I have not seen any difference in my face... READ MORE

How Long Before Sculptra Dissipates Completely?

Hi, 5 vials Nov/Apr 2008/09 & 2 vials Aug 2009 gave a wonderful result. 1 extra vial(8th)in Oct 2010 in cheekbones to raise a jowl ruined my face... READ MORE

I have had one treatment 11 weeks ago. How Long Can You Wait Between Sculptra Treatments?

Hi, just wondering how long is the maximum you can wait between Sculptra treatments.. i have had one treatment 11 weeks ago. I am also nervous to go... READ MORE

I Want to Use a Dermaroller After I Just Had Sculptra Injections for Acne Scars on my Cheeks. Is This Ok?

I just had Sculptra injections in my cheeks to fill in acne scars on my cheeks and help my skin to produce my own collagen to plump the skin over time... READ MORE

Do Deeper Injections of Sculptra Take Longer to Show Effect Than the Less Deep Injections of Sculptra?

Or perhaps do deeper troughs take longer for Sculptra to fill than less deep troughs? For example, someone has Sculptra deep under the eye muscle to... READ MORE

I am 32 years old with fairly good skin. How Long Can You Wait Between Sculptra Treatments?

Hi, I am 32 years old with fairly good skin.. But i exercise a lot so though Sculptra would be great to take away that gaunt look, and fill out some... READ MORE

I Had Ulthera a Week Ago. How Long Should I Wait Before I Get Sculptra?

I had ulthera last week and was wondering how long I should wait to get sculptra injection? Is it better to wait 1-2 months or can I have it done soon. READ MORE

Should I Worry About Sculptra Side Effects Now?

I had a couple treatments of Sculptra about a year ago. The results have been good. Should I worry about any side effects now? Likewise, is it... READ MORE

Getting Sculptra in Between Fraxel Treatments?

I am thinking of Sculptra as an adjuct treatment with Fraxel Re:store. However, which treatment should come first and how far apart in time between... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get a Photofacial After Sculptra Injections?

I had a Sculptra treatment 1 week ago. How soon can I safely get a photo facial. READ MORE

About the Interval of Sculptra Sessions, Is Shorter than a Month Between Sessions too Short?

I'm 33 years old~ i had sculptra injected on my cheeks 3 times~ first in January 28 and second in march 2 an i got the third one just 2 weeks... READ MORE

When should a person start to use Sculptra? Is 30 too young?

When should a person start to use sculptra? Is 30 too young? My doctor said my skin still has thickness but, due to being underweight, I'm not able to... READ MORE

Why Some Docs Inject 2-4 Wks After 1st, While Others (like Mine) Wait at Least 3 Mos?

Since Sculptra results take at least 3 months to show, isn't it more prudent to wait for at least the 3 months, or even more, for further... READ MORE

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