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Sculptra Treatment Caused Puffiness on Upper Cheek Under Eyes, Now What?

I had my third sculptra treatment in my temples and cheeks 3 weeks ago. Started in April, ended in August. I was very pleased with the results until... READ MORE

Fat and Puffy Sculptra - Results or Swelling?

I went to my derm to enhance the cheek below the bone 1 month ago, i stated clearly that i want a subtle change, i have very prominent cheek bones ( I... READ MORE

Sculptra for the Temple Area?

Has Sculptra been evaluated for safe and effective use in the temple area? READ MORE

Is Sculptra Likely to Cause Lumps if Injected in the Temples?

A PS suggested this could be done to create volume in this area. But Im very thin there. Its just like under my eyes and is skin on bone. I find it... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Have Special Programs for HIV+ Patients?

I am a 45 year old male who who diagnosed as HIV+ in 1993. The toll on my face because of the medications has left me with sunken cheeks and temples.... READ MORE

Swollen Under Eye and Cheek area 6 Weeks After Sculptra

My derm injected me 2cc sulptra as a touch up over a area which was treaded one year ago with sculptra and actually was perfect, he ignored my... READ MORE

Can Sculptra in my Temples Make my Whole Face Swell?

I am 56, and just had my third session of Sculptra in my temples. I am into day 6 and my temple swelling is much decreased, but my face is very... READ MORE

It is Going on Three Weeks and I Have a Deep Purple Under my Eye from Sculptra. Help?

I had sculptra done at my temples three weeks ago, two days later I developed a deep purple bruise under my right eye. It is still there. I have done... READ MORE

Blurred Vision After Sculptra

Had 1 vial of sculptra yesterday. Two injections in temples, in chin and under eyes (low & deep beneath muscle, not thin skin area close to eye).... READ MORE

What to Do if Sculptra Was Misplaced? (photo)

6 months ago I asked for filling hollow temples, but the MD injected as well in and under the brow tail, which has totally destroyed my look. you can... READ MORE

Sculptra - Can the Effects Be Reversed?

My dr injected sulptra on the sides of my face (temple area) to add volume. The effect has been just terrible, too much volume and not in the right... READ MORE

How long does Sculptra take to work? I've had two treatments over 2 months and my face already looks puffy and 'over-filled'.

I had my first Sculptra treatment 2 months ago (1.5 vials) injected into my temples and upper cheeks. I then had my second treatment (1.5 vials) four... READ MORE

Any Way to Reverse the Effect of Sculptra?

After four viles of sculptra placed in the temples and cheeks. I decide to have one more, I felt it needed more volume in cheeks still. The last vile... READ MORE

Sculptra side effects?

I have had sculptra injected into my temples and face 5 times, 2 vials each time. About 4 weeks before the 5th injection I had a vitreous membrane... READ MORE

I just turned 59 in March. Am I too old for sculptra?

I just turned 59 in March. Im 5'9 135 lbs. I have long thin face. My cheeks and temples are starting to hollow out. My dermatologist suggests Sculptra... READ MORE

Sculptra lump or injection irritation.

Is it possible to have a lump from Sculptra occurring one week after injection? I have a red and raised area on temple one week after a treatment. READ MORE

Local or Sculptra causing eye to droop? (photos)

I got Sculptra done 11days ago and my left eyelid is drooping. I've had the procedure done before but this was the first time it was injected in my... READ MORE

Sculptra in the temples?

Went in for a consult and my doctor said that I needed volume in the hairline on top of head and temples. She suggested sculptra injected on top of... READ MORE

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