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How Many Treatments of Sculptra Are Needed?

I was told by the doctor who injected me that this product would work with my natural collagen, and when injected, after 3 to 6 weeks it would cause... READ MORE

Distorted Facial Shape After Jawline Sculptra Injections

I had my first (and last) experience with Sculptra 48 hours ago. Despite my very specific, repeated, clear, request for the plastic surgeon to please... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Injected Along the Lateral Side of the Face/cheeks? Is It Too Superficial to Inject There?

Why do some doctors only inject sculptra at the front of the face and not at the sides? Is it because this would involved superficial injections that... READ MORE

Sculptra for cellulite on back of thighs?

I've been hearing about this later and was wondering if it actually works? I'm trying to find some before and after photos but havent seen any yet.... READ MORE

Can Different Injection Techniques Cause Different Response Times?

It's been 3 months and 3 vials of sculptra but there are no visual results. The skin just feels better to the touch. Can different injection... READ MORE

Is Doing About "90" Sculptra Patients in an Office, Enough Experience?

I am wondering if this is considered a lot of sculptra injections. I keep seeing how you want to get someone who really knows how to administer the... READ MORE

Do 'Depot' Injections of Sculptra Cause Lumps and 'Tracking' Techniques Almost Eliminate Such Risks?

As the tracking technique produces much better results and also doesn't cause lumps as depot injections do, then why is the tracking technique not... READ MORE

Sculptra injected without lots of injections?

I have been told that the Dr will not inject me all over my face with injections of Scupltra, but will make just two incisions under my jaw line! It... READ MORE

Sculptra technique for optimal safety?

I was wondering how far in advance most doctors mix their Sculptra? Also what dilution do you use? I have heard that some doctors mix it up to 2 weeks... READ MORE

My face is sore after Sculptra injections today and a little painful to touch. Can I wait until tomorrow to start massaging?

The doctor took his time and went to a lot of trouble to get the placement 'just so' - fanned it out and massaged it with his fingers. Injections were... READ MORE

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