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Allergic Reaction to Sculptra, Any Other Options Other than Steroids for Recovering? Is this Common?

I suffered an allergic reaction to Sculptra seven months after the second treatment. I have been on steroids ever since. Each time the steroids are... READ MORE

What Are Possible Side Effects of Using Steroids to Dissolve Sculptra Nodules?

Sculptra nodules ( formed about 5 mos after 2nd injection)diagnosed as chronic sialadentitis and incipient mucus escape reaction have caused excessive... READ MORE

Sculptra Injection Caused Cheekbone Pain

My last Sculptra injection caused cheekbone pain, now partial numbness under my right eye. What can I do? I massaged as directed after the procedure.... READ MORE

Big lump on forehead after Sculptra. It's ugly and painful when massaging. What can I do? (Photo)

I had my scrupltra injection 6 mths ago in my forehead, 2 mths after injection, my forehead started to show lump and its big , bumpy and hard. The dr... READ MORE

several steroid shots, add 5fu shot recently but no response at all. Why?Delayed response?

I was disfigured by 1 vial sculptra 6 months ago since the injection proportion was not correct . At the third months I've been injected several... READ MORE

Why some doctors say just let time to solve Sculptra issues while others recommend steroid, saline or collagenase?

Some doctors think do anything to deal with lumps or granulomas will make lead bigger problems´╝îits better to do nothing and leave it there. But most e... READ MORE

Will using steroid dandruff treatment impact the results of my Sculptra treatment on November 30th?

Dandruff treatment was ketoconazole shampoo and fluocinonide topical solution READ MORE

Will prednisolone eyes drops have any steroidal affects with Sculptra?

I had Sculptra 4 weeks ago but now am using prednisolone acetate drops in one eye following cataract surgery. Will it have any detrimental affect on... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Sculptra and steroids?

Ive had sculptra last week, my first of probably 2-3 vials. I have been having back pain from an injury the past 3 months, i go into the doctor next... READ MORE

I have a new large lup of sculptra on my jaw line that has increased in size. I'm 1yr 4 months post injections. Any suggestions?

I have to nodules. One feels like a frozen pea in the chin. The other us along the jawline and feels like a lump and is discolored and visible. It has... READ MORE

Is this a delayed reaction to Sculptra in Jan? PS gave me low dose steroid cream to use for a few days and a Medrol pack (Photo)

My question to you is, could this be a reaction to the sculptra? And if so, how long are the Sculptra crystals active before they disintegrate and are... READ MORE

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