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New Deep Smile Lines on Lower Face After Scupltra

A month ago, I had Sculptra performed as my face has become very thin with age. I only had one vial mainly into the cheeks. My cheeks look a lot... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Recommended As Filler for All Areas of the Face?

I'm considering Sculptra. A recently FDA approved dermal filler. Have you heard of this and do you recommend it? I have used Juvederm in the past for... READ MORE

How Many Sculptra Sessions Are Required To Completely Correct Smile Lines?

How long does a Sculptra procedure last once all smile lines are gone? What is needed for maintenance/touch up? READ MORE

Can I use collagenase injection to dissolve Sculptra(or new collagen)?

It's almost 9 weeks after my first Sculptra injection, I don't have lumps or nodules but just very depressed with too much volume added.(just got 1... READ MORE

Will Sculptra give good results to my jawline, cheeks, marionette & smile lines?

Want volume added to jawline, cheeks, marionette & smile lines. Don't have severe issues with these areas but have lost volume within the past yr. I... READ MORE

I have hard lumps after Sculptra. Could this be the cause?

Hi there I had sculptra in a few years indents around my chin area and smile lines over 1 year ago and now i have hard lumps and im freaking out. I... READ MORE

Tear trough? Eye bag? After sculptra! I need help! (photo)

I just done ultherpy & sculptra 2.5 weeks ago. Ultherpy on 7/14, & sculptra on 7/18. This's my 2nd time for sculptra, the 1st time was two... READ MORE

Would Sculptra be appropriate after weight loss?

I am in my 20s and losing weight. I started at 170lbs. I am now 150. My goal weight is 130. At my heaviest, my face wasn't very fat. I am now noticing... READ MORE

2 months out of Sculptra, but swelling every morning! Do I have an infection?

8 weeks out of Sculptra, 1 vial of product had been injected into my cheeks,smile lines,and lower face. It was my first treatment. But every morning I... READ MORE

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