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Sculptra Side Effects

I like the volume I've gained with three sessions of Sculptra but now I'm really scared about the long-term side effects. How long has... READ MORE

How to Avoid Sculptra Bumps?

I had Sculptra injected under my eyes yesterday.  Is there anything I can do to ensure no bumps will form?  If they do, is therea way to get... READ MORE

Sculptra Complications

Is there a way to remove a delayed side effect of Sculptra that I may be experiencing? It is like a grain of sand or medium size drive-way rocks under... READ MORE

What to Do About Sculptra (NewFill) Lumps and Granulomas

If a person develops painful lumps/granulomas in areas that were injected with Sculptra what can be done to break them down?  What is steroid... READ MORE

Will These Sculptra Lumps Be Permanent?

I had 2 vials of Sculptura injected 5 weeks ago. I have developed a lump between the corner of my mouth and jawline (giving me a 'jowl' on that side)... READ MORE

Sculptra Lumps: Need Help

The use of Sculptra was suggested to me at a reputable clinic where I went to ask about correction of my drawn looking face. I have very thin cheeks... READ MORE

Bad Side Effects from Sculptra?

My mom is starting new treatment with the Sculptra; she is 54 years old. She will go back for another sitting, the doctor says about 1 or 3 sitting. I... READ MORE

Is a Large Bruise Under My Eye A Normal Sculptra Side Effect? (photo)

I had sculptura injections 3 days ago. two days after I got a large bruise under my left eye. what can I do?? READ MORE

Statistics on Developing Sculptra Side Effects?

After reading so many people complain of lumps after Sculptra injections, I'm now frankly terrified of Sculptra. Are there any statistics or... READ MORE

Are Granulomas a Common Side Effect of Sculptra?

I was amazed at the prospect of permanent disfiguration from granulomas due to Sculptra. I assume that technique (dilution, placement, etc) play an... READ MORE

What Are Other Treatments for Sunken Cheeks Aside from Sculptra?

What is the best tx for adding volume to sunken cheeks for a female with a smaller face (delicate features, slender frame)? I have had one session... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Develop a Nodule or Granuloma from Sculptra?

I am a 32 year old white woman and I recently had 2 sessions of Sculptra in my temples spaced 6 weeks apart and am supposed to go back in 8 weeks... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Sculptra, Any Other Options Other than Steroids for Recovering? Is this Common?

I suffered an allergic reaction to Sculptra seven months after the second treatment. I have been on steroids ever since. Each time the steroids are... READ MORE

Are Sculptra Bumps Permanent?

I have bumps under both eyes, with a lot of granulomas. Are these permanent, or is there any treatment that might help dissolve/minimize them? READ MORE

Doctors in Europe Refuse to Use Sculptra, Why Do You Continue To Use It?

Way do you Dr use Sculptra when you know the side effects. It's over with in Europe it been there 10 years shouldn't you learn from them ??? READ MORE

Should I Continue with Sculptra Considering the Appearance of a Lump in my Left Cheek (Somewhat Visible)?

I am HIV+ for 12 years now and my face started looking horrible about 2-3 years ago (I'm on HIV meds). I went for my first Sculptra injections in... READ MORE

Can Sculprta Cause Breakouts?

I have had Sculptra done for the first time about two weeks ago. I didn't have perfect skin before, 1-2 pimples at a time max, but literally overnight... READ MORE

How Common is Swelling from Sculptra for Acne Scar Treatment?

Are there any negative side effects, such as pain or swelling, when using Sculptra to correct or conceal acne scars? If so, how long will these side... READ MORE

Does Skin Stretch When Using Sculptra or HA Fillers? Could this Cause More Sagginess and Wrinkles when the Effects Go Down?

How can the skin shrink back to the tightness it was before it was filled? Once you have fillers in one place doesn't this mean you have to keep... READ MORE

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