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Is Sculptura Good for Sagging Skin Around the Mouth and Jaw Line?

I had a facelift 7 years ago, but the lower part of my face has fallen and crumpled. Would I be better off with a mid-lift? READ MORE

Sculptra for Sagging Skin Around Jaw?

Someone asked if Sculptra would be good for sagging skin around the jaw. How could injections do this? Wouldn't that be a face lift? READ MORE

Does Sculptra Help Reduce Sagging Skin Around the Chin?

Will sculptra for the chin be needed again in the future? READ MORE

Sculptra for sagging skin? How does that work? (photos)

I have seen doctors recommend Sculptra for loose skin on arms and thighs. I understand it is a collagen stimulator and of course a volumizer for the... READ MORE

How will I know when I need more Sculptra?

I am 47 and had 2 vials of Sculptra 2 1/2 years ago, and then another one about a year after that. Unlike fillers (where I could see when they were... READ MORE

Sculptra for slight breast enhancement?

Hi, I've been contemplating implants for some time but the idea of surgery & foreign objects in my body is somewhat confronting. I don't want... READ MORE

What do you think should I spend my money on Sculptra or put my money into a mid facelift? (Photo)

I'm debating between Sculptra or a Mid facelift. I just turned 40 and money is tight so I need to spend wisely. My main concern are my saggy jowls and... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Loss of Volume in Cheeks. Would Sculptra be my best option? (photos)

Attached photos are 3 years apart, with some weight loss. I used to have a much rounder face. I never loved the round face until it was gone and I was... READ MORE

I had Sculptra done at age 29. It is now 2 years post and it swells and sags on one side. I used a reputable plastic surgeon.

I would like to know what can stop the sculptra from continuing to swelling as it swells more on one side and makes face looks heavy in lower portion.... READ MORE

Sculptra only to add volume but now turns saggy because of gravity?

I have done scrupltra once in 2 virals for 2 years. That was a horrible experience. No lifting but bruise and swell. Now I find my lower face has... READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after a fat transfer? How long should I wait?

I have just had a fat transfer to my cheeks and nasolabial folds. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with the results, as I think the sagging problem... READ MORE

Sculptra or voluma for saggy skin 33 years old?

I have lost a few kg and I look tired/sunken. my lower face is chubby and sagging as well. The dr told me I am losing laxity. He would inject sculptra... READ MORE

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