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Can Prednisone Affect Sculptra?

I had to have a short 5 day low dose course of Prednisone to deal with poison ivy. I had sculptra almost three months ago and had already seen filling... READ MORE

Prednisone 8 weeks after sculptra. Will it hamper my result? Should I wait a year to see if swelling improves?

My doctor has prescribed me a 3 week tapered course of prednisolone to help with prolonged tip swelling 9 months post rhinoplasty (from 50mg down to... READ MORE

Can oral Methylprednisolone help with Sculptra overfill?

I have not been offered this option, but should I seek it? I am 18 months in, but the collagen is still growing like crazy because I am very young... READ MORE

Will prednisolone eyes drops have any steroidal affects with Sculptra?

I had Sculptra 4 weeks ago but now am using prednisolone acetate drops in one eye following cataract surgery. Will it have any detrimental affect on... READ MORE

Methylprednisolone to treat overfill of Sculptra. Worked very well but after I stopped taking it, face is full again!

45ys. 3 vials sculptra 6mon ago. It was ok till 20days ago my face puffed up horribly within 10days! Dr gave me oral steroids. My face went down a lot... READ MORE

Will a 10-day course of prednisone reduce the efficacy of Sculptra?

Two days after having my 4th vial of sculptra injected (the previous three were done over the last 12 months), I developed severe contact dermatitis... READ MORE

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