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What to Do if Sculptra Was Misplaced? (photo)

6 months ago I asked for filling hollow temples, but the MD injected as well in and under the brow tail, which has totally destroyed my look. you can... READ MORE

Does Sculptra collagen ever leave? It's been 2 years since I had 4 vials spread out over the course of 3 months.

The collagen produced a very bottom heavy face and I'm not very old, but due to the placement my face still remains puffy and bottom heavy. Is there... READ MORE

Sculptra in the temples?

Went in for a consult and my doctor said that I needed volume in the hairline on top of head and temples. She suggested sculptra injected on top of... READ MORE

Will my face ever recover from overreaction to misplaced Sculptra?

At age 29 I was injected with sculptra in thin skinned areas without hollows or wrinkles. It created jowls, double chin, eye hollows, and wrinkles. I... READ MORE

Would Sculptra or Voluma help fill out my face? (Photo)

And if so which one, or both ? What would be the best placement for each product ? What would be the approximate amount I would need, and what would... READ MORE

HA Filler or Sculptra for cheek enhancement?

I have had two vials of Sculptra, they where placed laterally in my face (Temples, preauricular area and back jawline to massetter and some into the... READ MORE

My face is sore after Sculptra injections today and a little painful to touch. Can I wait until tomorrow to start massaging?

The doctor took his time and went to a lot of trouble to get the placement 'just so' - fanned it out and massaged it with his fingers. Injections were... READ MORE

How effectively does fat or ready-made injections for temple filling hollows last or take in placement filling site?

I am considering either fat grafting injections or ready-made injectables like Sculpta with Restylane for extremely hollow temple due to tumor removal... READ MORE

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