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Are Sculptra Injections Permanent?

Unlike other dermal fillers like juvaderm, i beleive its true that some injections dont ever go away. the one i know about is called "Sculpta" READ MORE

Hard Bumps After Sculptra on Forehead

I had the injection done on my temples and forehead about 11 days ago. After the swelling and bruising went away, I was left with two very hard and... READ MORE

Is Sculptra the Best Filler to Help Produce Your Own Collagen?

I'm looking for a filler to help the production of your own collagen. I want my results to be semi-permanent since I don't want those kind of results... READ MORE

Is Sculptra a Permanent Option for Acne Scars?

I was told that Scultpra is a permanent option for acne scars because it helps the skin create alot of collagen. Does this effect last longer than 2... READ MORE

How Long Will The Effects Of Sculptra And Collagen Show On My Face?

I understand that sculptra material dissipates after a while but the collagen produced remains. 1. Has anyone measured whether the face actually does... READ MORE

I Had Too Much Sculptra a Year Ago

It is now 10 months since my last sculptra and I hate the over-filled result. I have been worried by 2 doctors on this site saying that the result can... READ MORE

Are There Permanent Fillers in Development That Works Like Sculptra?

Are there any permanent volume injectable fillers on the horizon? I use Sculptra and love it but wish it was permanent. I am hoping a Sculptra like... READ MORE

Are Pain and Discoloration from Sculptra Normal and Permanent? Mine Has Lasted 11 Months. How Should It Be Treated? (photo)

My sculptra was injected in the mouth. The inside of my mouth burns and on my face i have discoloration. READ MORE

Why do you say Sculptra is not permanent? The new created collagen will not go down faster than the existing collagen (Photo)

Why doctors all say Sculptra is not permenant? I'm disfigured by 1 vial of Sculptra 7 months ago. If new created collagen cannot go away faster than... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth by my parotid gland over two years ago. I have mumps like swelling. Is this permanent?

I went to a board certified dermatologist and had a half vial of sculptra injected. My face has been slightly tender and swollen since with large... READ MORE

Is Sculptra the answer to smooth out irregularities from excising corrugator muscle? (Photos)

During browlift surgery doctor excised corrugator muscle causing irregular contours. Doctor recommended massaging at 3 months postop to no avail.... READ MORE

How long does it take for sculptra particles to be absorbed? Are granuloma a permanent side effect?

I have heard some horrendous reviews and disturbing pictures as a result of side effect to Sculptra. I was recommended Sculptra for an atrophic... READ MORE

Is Sculptra safe if you have a damaged nerve in jaw?

I really want to get sculptra due to facial volume loss, but i am concerned due to a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia from a bad tooth repair 8 years... READ MORE

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