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Benefits of Massaging Sculptra?

Will massaging areas treated with sculptra longer than the 5 days required have any affect on the appearance? READ MORE

Hard Bumps After Sculptra on Forehead

I had the injection done on my temples and forehead about 11 days ago. After the swelling and bruising went away, I was left with two very hard and... READ MORE

Delayed Bumps Developed Six Months After Sculptra - Why?

I had 3 1/2 sessions of Scultra and was completely bump free for six months following final treatment. Literally over night a large number of bumps... READ MORE

Endermologie or Facial Massage for Sculptra Lumps?

I had Sculptra injections on my nasolabial folds, acne scars on cheek, and near the mouth. Near my mouth (below nasolabial folds), I now have a bump.... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Massage Sculptra Area to Prevent Nodule from Forming?

Is it okay to keep massing after the first 5 days to prevent a nodule or Granuloma from forming ? I am a 32 years old woman and have had 2 sessions of... READ MORE

Massage to Get Rid of Sculptra?

Had Sculptra 6month Age Want It Gone.If I Massage Often Will This Help? READ MORE

Can Sculptra and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) Treatments be done at the same time?

Can Sculptra and PRP treatments be done at the same time? Should they be done separately? If so, how long apart (i.e. weeks or months apart) and which... READ MORE

Sculptra Jawline Nightmare- Face out of Proportion. What To Do To Dissolve Quicker?

Hi I'm beside myself with stress after a second 'supportive' injection of sculptra by a top doctor has made my streamlined face look... READ MORE

Nasal Dripping After Sculptra in Cheeks

I had Sculptra last week, with only 2 ccs in each cheek. That night I had the worst post-op nasal drip of my life. Also I felt like my sinuses were... READ MORE

Can Sculptra After 2 Weeks Be Further Diluted and Massaged into Other Areas?

I have recieved too much sculptra in the jaw 2 weeks ago, which makes my face very wide and masculine, while the hollows above in my cheeks are even... READ MORE

What happens if the Sculptra is not massaged after being injected?

What happens if the Sculptra is not massaged after being injected? READ MORE

Sculptra Injection Caused Cheekbone Pain

My last Sculptra injection caused cheekbone pain, now partial numbness under my right eye. What can I do? I massaged as directed after the procedure.... READ MORE

Sculptra 5 Days Ago and have knots?

I had Sculptra done 5 days ago, swelling was minor and surprisingly no bruising, I did my massaging as recommended 5*5*5 , no cheating, on the 5th day... READ MORE

Will It Get Any Better? 17 Days Post Sculptra to Laugh Lines.

I was fine til the 10thday. Lumps noted. I massaged it then after 2 days was youthful looking again. I just forgot to massage on the 15th.. on the... READ MORE

Would you recommend no massage after Sculptra?

I just had scupltra for the first time and I asked my PS about massage. I have used him for a variety of treatments over the years but not this one.... READ MORE

I cupped my face after a Sculptra session and I think it moved out of the area. What do you think happened?

Can you lose the sculptra if you cup your face the day of and the next day? I don't feel it anymore and the soreness is gone! I'm going back next... READ MORE

Can massaging redistribute the sculptra in my face? I would like it to focus more on the under eye area and less on cheeks

I have had sculptra injections but I'm not happy with how my cheeks look. I only wanted to improve my under eye hollows but the sculptra has made my... READ MORE

Are Sculptra granulomas caused by infrared light therapy?

I had Sculptra injected into my jaw line 11/2 years ago and are just now feeling large lumps in this area. I have been using the Illumask for 4 months... READ MORE

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