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6 Weeks Post Sculptra and It as Dissapated

I got sculptra injected 6 weeks ago and in my 5 week it started nicely filling out my face then a few days later it all dissapated. I thought sculptra... READ MORE

Safer Option for Sunken Under Eyes Other Than Sculptra?

I'm concerned about Sculptra bumps/lumps under my eyes. I'm scheduled to have Sculptra done on the 3rd. I'm concerned about the horror stories,... READ MORE

Can Sculptura Cause Autoimmune Diseases?

I am a 49 year old caucasian male, healthy, apart from the skin disease Vitiligo. Can Sculptura cause auto immune diseases or a worsening of Vitiligo... READ MORE

Why Can't Too Much Sculptra Be Removed with Liposcution?

My face has too much volume after 3 weeks. It looks puffy and swollen like I had my wisdom teeth pulled or something. I am a 52 year old male READ MORE

I'm a 48 year old male. I got Sculptra 4 wks ago for sunken cheeks due to HIV related wasting. I have minimal results. (photo)

The last year the dimple area & cheeks started to sink in. After the initial Sculptra I was swollen but as that wore down the sunken came back! Should... READ MORE

Does it make sense to use Sculptra to regain volume in cheeks then use something like Voluma to create shape?

I'm a man going through a course of Sculptra treatment to gain volume in my cheeks and lift my face. From what I've read, I should get a good bit of... READ MORE

Face looks way too rounded and I do see some heaviness in my lower face after 1st session of Sculptra. Any suggestions?

35 yo male. Had my 1st vial of Sculptra injected into my cheeks 2 days ago. Wonder if the final result will be similar to the swollen look I have now... READ MORE

Which is the Youngest Age You Would Recommend for a Male to Have Sculptra?

Hi I'm wondering what is the youngest age you would recommended for a patient to have Sculptra? If a male was 30 would you tell me them to wait longer... READ MORE

What are the chances of getting serious side effects from Sculptra?

I'm 28, male seriously considering sculptra. I want very subtle results so don't think I'll get more than one session. I understand that side effects... READ MORE

Sculptra for men. Is there a risk of feminizing the face?

I am 33 year old male looking for expert sculptra injector in toronto for face volumization. I am wondering if a male patient gets sculptra, is there... READ MORE

Sculptra before or after J-Plasma (J-Plasty)? (photos)

Hi, after 25kg weight loss I want to fix my "melting" face, I am now 40, but I look much older than before the weight loss. I am planning to go... READ MORE

HIV+ male seeking male buttocks augmentation using Sculptra, any recommendations for my case?

Hi! I do not think I qualify for fat transfer since I don't have much anywhere on my body. I'm also not keen on silicone implants. I was hoping that... READ MORE

Sculptra for teen male

I am a male teen 19 years old. I've had volume 1cc one each cheekbone about 1 year ago. I personally didn't see a difference. Next Friday I will be... READ MORE

Can Selphyl and Sculptra be used together in one treatment? (photos)

I am going to have subsicion to help my atrophic scars and I have a considerable amount of volume loss in my cheecks so I want to have filler with the... READ MORE

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