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Will the Sculptra Lumps Ever Go Away?

I had my 1st Sculptra in Dec 08. Then 2 more sets in Jan & March 09. I massaged my face as instructed. I was told to do it 3 times a day for 5... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Results Show After Only 5 Days?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 days ago. I know the swelling is to last for days but, though my face was swollen right after, it was back to my... READ MORE

Longevity of Results Affected by Number of Sculptra Injections?

I am getting my second Sculptra injection next week. I have only minimal hollowness and don't want much change. I've read some doctors who say that it... READ MORE

Will the Number Of Injecitions Affect Length of Results With Sculptra?

I am 50 but am told I look about late 30's. I have very good skin and no wrinkles, just some hollowness due to low body fat that has caused minor... READ MORE

Why Isn't Sculptra As Effective After Long-term Use?

I have been getting Sculptra injections annually for about 6 years. My latest treatments were more difficult for the doctor because my skin has... READ MORE

Sculptra injections as non-invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift?

Recently, I saw an advertisement for a non-invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure, using Sculptra. How effective, long-lasting, and safe is this... READ MORE

Does Sculptra or Voluma last longer in the cheeks?

Is there a reason why one should choose one over the other? Thanks for your time and answers in advance! READ MORE

Does each vial you get of Sculptra add together producing more collagen or do they not build on each other? Im confused?

How does the vials injected weeks apart come together to produce the amount of collagen necessary to give you the results your looking for? Isn't the... READ MORE

How to restore volume loss in scalp/hairline not just temples. Sculptra vs. fat grafting for long lasting results? (photos)

After a botched Ultherapy procedure by a Plastic Surgeon RN I experienced extreme global fat loss which was progressive. I have undergone a high... READ MORE

How long is Sculptra active?

Why do doctors say Sculptra remains active in the body for 6 to 12 months when inflammation can be a problem for years. Isn't the inflammation caused... READ MORE

Is Sculptra a safe injectible for the buttocks? Costs?

Trying to weigh pros and cons of BBL v. Sculptra injections.How much does is cost on average and how long does it last? Any risks? READ MORE

Why Does Dr in Europe Say Sculptra Last for 3-5 Years?

Here I hear that it's gone in two years, not my case something I need to worry about? READ MORE

Does all the Sculptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face?

Does all the Scuptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face..or are some of the rresults permanent? My doctor... READ MORE

Can Sculptra be injected into the butt and hips? Is it safe to do so?

I am considering sculptra injections for my Butt. I considered getting a bbl but I was unsure since I am known to have keloid skin. Also because my... READ MORE

How long after Radiesse should I wait to inject Sculptra at the same site?

I had a Radiesse treatment done Sept 2016 and the results have started to fade at this point. I was seeking to replace with Sculptra because of it's... READ MORE

Sculptra and Radiesse - long lasting fillers?

Im in my 20s and I want to try longer lasting fillers for volume in tear through (i have hollow under eyes), fuller apple cheeks and lips. Is sculptra... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for nasolabial folds? (photo)

I am a young patient 24 and I was wondering what is the longest lasting and best treatment for my nasolabial folds, around the mouth area, corners of... READ MORE

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