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Sculptra for Lips

I want perma improvment in my lips.  can i do lip enhancement with sculpta? READ MORE

Dr Injected my Lips with Sculptra and Im Worried the Visable Lumps Are Permanent or Can Erupt into Something Worse Later On?

I asked my Dr for lip filler and he gave me some injections.... almost immediately after, I was like.. wow! they are big.... the swelling subsided a... READ MORE

How to remove sculptra filler from lips ?

Few years back I had my bottom lip done for little fullness, didn't ask what was injected in my lip, I noticed my lip wasn't getting any smaller but... READ MORE

I have swelling & numbness 7 days after injections. Shouldn't this have gone away? Did the doctor inject into a nerve?

I had two virals of sculptra injected. This is my second round. No issues with the first. My upper lip and below my nose is still numb. On the same... READ MORE

Can I change my lip shape to another? (photo)

My lips are the top photo,the lips that I want are the bottom photo, I want to know if it's possible to even do and if so how would it be done and how... READ MORE

I had granulomas removed from both lips 3 weeks ago. Could it be scar tissue forming? I am in day 17 since my op.

I was in surgery for over 3 and a half hours....he managed to remove all the lumps but I can't smile and I find it hard to clean my teeth.....will I... READ MORE

Sculptra and Radiesse - long lasting fillers?

Im in my 20s and I want to try longer lasting fillers for volume in tear through (i have hollow under eyes), fuller apple cheeks and lips. Is sculptra... READ MORE

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