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Is There Anything to Remove Sculptra. I Have Lumps, Had Parotid Infection and Now Joint Inflamation? (photo)

I had Sculptra Nov. 2011, initially I had large lumps (30mm) on each cheek and horrible bruising. I was put on antibiotics, anti inflammatories, and... READ MORE

What Will Cure Inflammation of Salivary Glands Due to Complications of Sculptra?

Has 2injections of Sculptra in Fall 2011. March 2012 had 4 tooth bridge . Within 3 days, developed several large nodules inside my cheeks and began... READ MORE

Sculptra over Reaction? Very Sick With Sculptra For Two Years.

It is getting better, with less swelling, no pain now. I am in to year 3. Does that mean it will go away? Getting very scared reading all the side... READ MORE

Only a Few Hours Inflammation After 1st Vial of Sculptra and 4 Days of Inflammation After 2nd Vail. Is This Normal?

How is it that: After the 1st vial the inflammation took just a few hours to go down. After the 2nd vial the inflammation took 4 days to go down. Why... READ MORE

Vein Above Eye Inflamed Immediately After Sculptra?

The vein above my eye is literally "popping" out after sculptra injections. I have read that it can cause occlusions, embolism, etc. in rare instances... READ MORE

5 wks to the day after receiving one vial (just 1) of Sculptra, flat glob like masses began to form. What is happening? (photo)

I'm being told it's an inflammatory response. They want me on a protocol of doxycycline (at first I was on cipro because I'm allergic to so many... READ MORE

How long do the actual particles in Sculptra stay in your skin tissue? (Photos)

I had Sculptra 20 months ago. I got every side effect (except granulomas) and still having inflammation. I know they say the volume last 2 years but... READ MORE

Reaction After Three Years Can That Happen and Still Go Away?

I wonder if your Dr still injects with inflammation present. I am just at three years and still got some inflammation present will it still go away or... READ MORE

Does Dental Work in Conjunction with Sculptra Cause Inflammation and Lumps and if So, What Can Help?

Seems to be a clear connection between dental work and Sculptra problems with inflammation and lumps. Comments and suggestions as to what remedies you... READ MORE

How long is Sculptra active?

Why do doctors say Sculptra remains active in the body for 6 to 12 months when inflammation can be a problem for years. Isn't the inflammation caused... READ MORE

Will Kenalog Help with Inflammed Saliva Glands?

Developed nodules inside cheeks as result of Sculptra. Most nodules have been excised but experiencing excessive saliva with incipient Mucus release?... READ MORE

Sculptra: How soon should (can) painful inflamed lumps be treated? My face is inflamed, heavier and asymmetrical. Ugh. (photos)

I feel like SUCH an idiot. I am very risk adverse yet I opted for this Sculptra without researching it. My excellent PS recommended it and I... READ MORE

Inflammation in One Area After Three Years Mark, Will It Still Go Away ?

Reaction after Sculptra still in one area but milder at three years mark will it go away? Can I in the mean time get Juvederm or will that be a problem? READ MORE

Sculptra and the release of histamine? What can help the inflammation process?

Scientific papers claim that the effect of Sculptra is due to the body's own inflammation caused by the mast cells releasing histamine into the... READ MORE

Is a part of Sculptra made from Corn Starch?

I was injected twice in my twenties, and I have a severe allergy to corn starch. I was never told this was one of the components of Sculptra. Now... READ MORE

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