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How Does Sculptra Work?

Is it true that Sculptra was originally on the market for people with HIV?  Could it help someone look younger, even if they don't have HIV?... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Have Special Programs for HIV+ Patients?

I am a 45 year old male who who diagnosed as HIV+ in 1993. The toll on my face because of the medications has left me with sunken cheeks and temples.... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Pay for Sculptra Injections in Patients with HIV?

We have been told that there are doctors taht will bill Medicaid or get approval from Medicaid before doing the Sculptra procedure, but Medicaid will... READ MORE

Should I Continue with Sculptra Considering the Appearance of a Lump in my Left Cheek (Somewhat Visible)?

I am HIV+ for 12 years now and my face started looking horrible about 2-3 years ago (I'm on HIV meds). I went for my first Sculptra injections in... READ MORE

I'm a 48 year old male. I got Sculptra 4 wks ago for sunken cheeks due to HIV related wasting. I have minimal results. (photo)

The last year the dimple area & cheeks started to sink in. After the initial Sculptra I was swollen but as that wore down the sunken came back! Should... READ MORE

Nigeria Sculptra Doctor Recommendations

There are millions of people living with HIV in Nigeria and many of us suffer from facial and body wastage from the drugs we've been taking. I need... READ MORE

Are there drs in the LA area that will inject Sculptra in an hiv patient for a reduced cost?

I have AIDS and I have hollow cheeks & eyes. I saw a Dr about getting sculptra as a filler for my cheeks. He "mentioned" we should start with botox... READ MORE

HIV+ male seeking male buttocks augmentation using Sculptra, any recommendations for my case?

Hi! I do not think I qualify for fat transfer since I don't have much anywhere on my body. I'm also not keen on silicone implants. I was hoping that... READ MORE

I'm about to get sculptra and I am HIV+. How does this work?

I was wondering are there any higher risk and what should my viral load and cd4 count be..what's bad numbers for both when getting sculptra? READ MORE

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