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Considering Sculptra: Worried About Overcorrection and Being Unable to Reverse Results

Is it possible to do 1/2 vial of sculptra on the first treatment? I'd like to minimize the risk of overcorrection, i.e. i'd rather do 5... READ MORE

How Long Can You Go Between Sculptra Injections?

The last round of injections was 10-11 weeks ago... Have I waited too long for a new injection to work with what I previously injected? READ MORE

About the Interval of Sculptra Sessions, Is Shorter than a Month Between Sessions too Short?

I'm 33 years old~ i had sculptra injected on my cheeks 3 times~ first in January 28 and second in march 2 an i got the third one just 2 weeks... READ MORE

Why Some Docs Inject 2-4 Wks After 1st, While Others (like Mine) Wait at Least 3 Mos?

Since Sculptra results take at least 3 months to show, isn't it more prudent to wait for at least the 3 months, or even more, for further... READ MORE

Why Are Sculptra Inections Spaced 6-8 Weeks Apart?

If it takes sculptra 4-6 months to peak why are injections spaced 6-8 weeks apart, would it not be better to wait 6 months before next injection so... READ MORE

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