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Advantages of Sculptra over Fat Injection?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Sculptra versus fat for facial filler? READ MORE

Is One Month Post Sculptra Treatment Too Soon for Restylane Under Eye Treatment? (photo)

I am a 30 year old woman with a relatively thinned out face. One month ago, I had 2 vials of Sculptra to help with general fullness, but I'm concerned... READ MORE

I want sculptra butt lift here in Atlanta. Where should i go to get it done? (Photo)

I was told sculptra is safe in the body and is a great buttox filler. READ MORE

When is It Appropriate to Use Scupltra Vs. Other Fillers?

Would be very useful to get some direction as to when its appropriate to use Sculptra versus other "fillers", and in which areas of the face. Thank you! READ MORE

What Type of Fillers Needed for Augmentation of Cheeks/Nasolabial Folds (photo)?

Hi, my cheeks seem to be getting flatter and flatter and my nasolabial folds seem to be getting more pronounced, especially when I am looking down. I... READ MORE

I have indent in back of jowl, near jawline. Would Sculptra work? (photos)

I've had fillers in my front cheeks, however it seemed to pronounce the hollowness near the back/sides near my jawline. Is it typical to fill this... READ MORE

Can I 'Use' Short Term/temporary Fillers While Waiting for the Desired Effect of Sculptra?

I have not had any fillers for around 8 months per my Boston Ma Doctor's request. I have recently moved here and want to be sure my (new) Doctor's... READ MORE

How can I tell if Sculptra would be better for me than fillers like voluma, etc? (photo)

I am starting to research options. I have had 4 Forever BBL's and microdermabrasuons in the past. I am 54 yo and use sunscreen and retin-a. READ MORE

I was told today that collagen fillers like sculptra and Bellafill are a waste of time for those over 65?

This was the opinion of a nurse injector. I realize this may be a controversial issue, but it should be addressed. If this is true I have spent a lot... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have a fat transfer after having sculptra?

Hi I just had sculptra done 3 weeks ago to add more volume to my face that had lost a little volume. im 30  how long do I have to wait to try fat... READ MORE

Would it be possible to get the filler "Sculptra" to fill my dorsal hump? (photos)

Would it be possible to get the filler "sculptra" to fill my dorsal hump? i know this filler is said to last up to 2 years or more. any other thoughts... READ MORE

I am 29 and yet look 49 due to Sculptra/Radiesse injections. It's 10 months on, what can I do? (photos)

I have the same problem as MaryKate Olsen. The fillers my Dr gave me have made me look older. When I lose weight I look like I do in the 1st/2nd... READ MORE

Can you have sculptra under eyes, as well as fillers?

Are u able to have sculptra under eyes then have a filler too???? READ MORE

Are there drs in the LA area that will inject Sculptra in an hiv patient for a reduced cost?

I have AIDS and I have hollow cheeks & eyes. I saw a Dr about getting sculptra as a filler for my cheeks. He "mentioned" we should start with botox... READ MORE

How long after filler can you use Sculptra?

I had perlane injected in my tear trough and the very upper cheek/ Lid (total both eyes 1 ml so not much). I am wanting Sculptra for my temples and... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do now for post-Sculptra swelling?

I'm reading a lot of confusing answers here. I was told that Scultra has a unique delivery system for fillers - it's delivered by a lot of fluid,... READ MORE

Is this filler migrated or what?! (photos)

Like 8 years ago i went to a dr and he placed sculptra ( or so i remeber) filler in my naso labial. Ever since, i have a solid peice in my right... READ MORE

12 vials of Sculptra in 2.5 years and no results? 51 years old (Photos)

I have been receiving regular sculptura treatments for 2.5 years (12 vials) with no results. I have been to three different doctors for treatment, and... READ MORE

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