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Better to Start with One Vial of Sculptra?

I'm considering Sculptra. My dermatologist recommended 2 vials for the first treatment. My face is thin but I don't want to over do it, is it better... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Need to Be Diluted Before It is Injected into my Face?

I read a comment by someone who complained because Sculptra was injected under her eye undiluted.  I don't understand this.  Wouldn't it be... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Safe?

I am travelling to the united states for 12 weeks. I have lost over 3 stone in weight. my face has become full on wrinkles and would like to have... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Fat Loss in the Face? (photo)

Which treatment is the best and longest lasting for replacing volume in the face? I have had Sculptra in the past and didn't really notice a great... READ MORE

Face Too Full After Sculptra Injections

Help my face is too full after sculptra injections? I realize that this is most likely due to swelling. However most people say that once the Sulptra... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Sculptra and It as Dissapated

I got sculptra injected 6 weeks ago and in my 5 week it started nicely filling out my face then a few days later it all dissapated. I thought sculptra... READ MORE

Sculptra for Laugh Lines and Hollow Under Eyes?

Is Sculptra the best thing for laugh lines and hollow under eyes, to eliminate that tired and a bit sunken look? READ MORE

Bad Side Effects from Sculptra?

My mom is starting new treatment with the Sculptra; she is 54 years old. She will go back for another sitting, the doctor says about 1 or 3 sitting. I... READ MORE

Scultpra for Thin Face with High Cheekbones?

I have started getting a little bit of jowls. I have a thin face with high cheekbones. Can you tell me if Sculptra is the right choice for me? READ MORE

Sculptra or Fat Transfer for Deep Lines on Face?

What is best for deep lines in the face? I am thinking Sculptra, but are fat injections better? READ MORE

How Will Having Sculptra Injections in the Checks Change the Shape of ones Face over Time?

How gradual will the growth of collagen be after sculptra? When will the effect be at its peak? READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Injected Along the Lateral Side of the Face/cheeks? Is It Too Superficial to Inject There?

Why do some doctors only inject sculptra at the front of the face and not at the sides? Is it because this would involved superficial injections that... READ MORE

Is It Pretty Standard for 40 Year Olds to Spend $3,000 for the First Year of Sculptra Treatments?

It is correct to assume that the industry standard cost is $1,000 per vial and first time patients need about 3 injections (1 vial/injection) during... READ MORE

Can Thermage Help Get Rid of Too Much Sculptra?

I had most of my sculptra inject about 2-3 years ago. I had facial wasting after a rhinoplasty and endoscopic brow lift. But, my face continues to... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask Before Getting Sculptra?

What are your views on Sculptra - is it a treatment you would recommend? I am fifty, ex model, who wants boost her looks again - I've been looking at... READ MORE

Sculptra for Minor Cheek Hollowing Without Wrinkles?

I'm considering Sculptra on the face. It's not too bad, no wrinkles, but my cheeks are a bit hollow. Please advise. READ MORE

Lip Lines After Sculptra - What Treatment Will Remove Them?

4 weeks ago I had sculptra which has improved the volume in my face, although at the corners of my mouth I am beginning to get what I see as a sad... READ MORE

Spacing Sculptra Treatments?

I had Sculptra 5 weeks ago (2 vials), and can see positive changes in my face. Should I wait a little longer before my next treatment? How do I know... READ MORE

How Do People Age with Sculptra?

How does the skin age over the years after sculptra? READ MORE

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