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Benefits of Massaging Sculptra?

Will massaging areas treated with sculptra longer than the 5 days required have any affect on the appearance? READ MORE

How Long Do Sculptra Results Last?

Do Sculptra results look better or last longer compared to laser treatments? My main concern are sagging skin and jowls. READ MORE

Time Between Sculptra Treatments?

I had Sculptra 2 years ago (3 treatments) and was very happy with the results. I went this past March for a touch up since it had been 2 years and... READ MORE

Ultherapy Plus Sculptra? (photo)

I had my third and final Sculptra treatment in February. Does it make any sense or is there a downside to having Ultherapy at this point? READ MORE

How Can a Single Touch Up of Sculptra Be Enough to Maintain Results?

If Sculptra and/or the collagen created by it, last up to two years before completely breaking down, why do many surgeons insist that a touch up of... READ MORE

Sculptra and Blood Thinners?

Do blood thinners like Plavix diminish or lessen the positive effects of Sculptra injections? READ MORE

How Many Times Should You Get Sculptra Before Deciding if is Working or Not?

I have had Sculptra done 2 times, 2 vials each time. The 1st time I had no real results. The 2nd time, I have seen a little volume in the temples,... READ MORE

Is Sculptra's Success Related to Patient's Age? (photo)

I am 64. I have had conflicting recommendations. An ocular plastic surgeon recommended sculptra instead of fillers. An aesthetician said she uses... READ MORE

Can I 'Use' Short Term/temporary Fillers While Waiting for the Desired Effect of Sculptra?

I have not had any fillers for around 8 months per my Boston Ma Doctor's request. I have recently moved here and want to be sure my (new) Doctor's... READ MORE

Which is more effective at building new collagen Sculptra or Microneedling?

Hi! I am in my early thirties and am starting to notice signs of aging. I am trying to put off fillers for as long as possible so I was researching... READ MORE

Sculptra: how long do results last, how many treatments are recommended?

Should I continue to get sculptra every couple weeks? Is there a point (after 3-5 treatments in the same area) when sculptra isn't going to help... READ MORE

Is it possible that Sculptra still works vigorously 5 months after 1 treatment? (Photo)

I've got 1 vial sculptra 5 months ago ,but I was disfigured due to wrong proportion injected. Then the doctor gave me several low dose and diluted s... READ MORE

Will a 10-day course of prednisone reduce the efficacy of Sculptra?

Two days after having my 4th vial of sculptra injected (the previous three were done over the last 12 months), I developed severe contact dermatitis... READ MORE

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