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Delayed Bumps Developed Six Months After Sculptra - Why?

I had 3 1/2 sessions of Scultra and was completely bump free for six months following final treatment. Literally over night a large number of bumps... READ MORE

Lump Around my Tear Trough, And It's Painful After my Sculptra Injection. Why?

I find there is a lump around my tear trough on my left and it's painful too. But when I pushed it hard eventually it's gone but maybe a min... READ MORE

My Face Feels Very Tight After Sculptra Touch Up 5 Weeks Ago, Why Is This?

I had a top up of 1 vial of sculptra after 18 months, it is now 5 weeks and my face is becomming so tight and getting so much volume, I also have this... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Injections Cause Scarring? From the Needle?

I had 3 sculptra treatments on my checks and temples I am experiencing little ice pick looking scars on both sides of my face where I was injected. It... READ MORE

Can Scars Occur After Needling with 2.0mm Needle Followed by Sculptra After One Year?

I carried out needling my face with 1.5mm and 2.0mm needles one year ago and combined this with 2 treatments of sculptra in between needling... READ MORE

Can kenalog shots for Sculptra cause weight gain?

I need to get kenalog shots to help dissolve the sculptra on my face. Ive already have two shots the next would be in 6 weeks . Will those shots cause... READ MORE

I have hard lumps after Sculptra. Could this be the cause?

Hi there I had sculptra in a few years indents around my chin area and smile lines over 1 year ago and now i have hard lumps and im freaking out. I... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of my lower eye lid bags and line? I've already tried sculptra (Photo)

I am 43 years old. Over the last couple of years I have noticed a significant line running below eye along the orb and above that larger and larger... READ MORE

Does Sculptra cause bone formation and bone growth?

Does sculptra cause bone formation and bone growth in the face? Does it make the cheekbones bigger and wider? READ MORE

Sculptra under my eye - is this glaucoma?

Hello, I had sculptra under my eye , 5 days ago. the next day after injection my right eye got watery or I can say there is tears in my right eyes ,... READ MORE

Sculptra technique for optimal safety?

I was wondering how far in advance most doctors mix their Sculptra? Also what dilution do you use? I have heard that some doctors mix it up to 2 weeks... READ MORE

Can Sculptra form into a nodule within 24 hrs of the injection? What are other possible causes? Can plugged cannula be culprit?

Received two vials of Sculptra three weeks ago, some of which was injected along my jawline. The following day I noticed a fixed, hard 4-6 mm oblong... READ MORE

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