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Sculptra for Acne Scars

I have used others fillers for my severe acne scars, but want something more long term. I've already had dermabrasion, laser, and fat injections.... READ MORE

Is Sculptra a Permanent Option for Acne Scars?

I was told that Scultpra is a permanent option for acne scars because it helps the skin create alot of collagen. Does this effect last longer than 2... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Improve the Appearance of Shallow Acne Scarring?

I'm gonna have the sculptra done on my face, specifically on cheeks in order to improve my skin surface which has been damaged by acne ten years ago.... READ MORE

How Common is Swelling from Sculptra for Acne Scar Treatment?

Are there any negative side effects, such as pain or swelling, when using Sculptra to correct or conceal acne scars? If so, how long will these side... READ MORE

I Want to Use a Dermaroller After I Just Had Sculptra Injections for Acne Scars on my Cheeks. Is This Ok?

I just had Sculptra injections in my cheeks to fill in acne scars on my cheeks and help my skin to produce my own collagen to plump the skin over time... READ MORE

Sculptra for Acne Scars?

I am 60 and considering sculptra for depressed areas. The doc I consultes in new jersey Stated that this could help. Any opinions. READ MORE

What is the best way to smooth out these types of very noticeable acne scars for my olive/tan skin? (photo)

I have tried Sculptura and DermaPen, but I would like a much more effective solution to achieve a smoother skin texture. READ MORE

How Long Does Sculptra Last for Acne Scars?

I have some depressions in my face that appear as lines in my cheeks when I smile. I think these are called rolling scars, but not sure. I asked a... READ MORE

Can Sculptra results be modified? Had 1 vial of scluptra injected 4 weeks ago face is so puffy my smile has unnaturally widened?

36 yr F. Few acne scars on right cheek. Plastic surgeon used juvederm to fill the scars. Loved the result but only lasted a few months. Asked Doctor... READ MORE

Is Sculptra safe as a facial filler for acne scars?

I'm considering getting facial filler for my atrophic acne scars. The scars don't have hard edges and not very deep. But are very noticeable and... READ MORE

Can Selphyl and Sculptra be used together in one treatment? (photos)

I am going to have subsicion to help my atrophic scars and I have a considerable amount of volume loss in my cheecks so I want to have filler with the... READ MORE

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