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Hyperpigmented Marks from Sculptra Injections

How do I get rid of hyperpigmentation caused by needle marks left by Sculptra injections around the eyes? I loved the Sculptra results except for this... READ MORE

Why Do Drs on RS Say Sculptra is Gone in 2 Years. I Have It in Biopsy at 3 Years. Wish It Was Gone but It is Not?

Sanofi says: "The kinetics of SCULPTRA resorption in humans has not been determined. In an intradermal implantation study in rabbits all animals had... READ MORE

Delayed Onset of Nodules? Why Is Information About Sculptra So Variable?

Why am I reading so much different information about Sculptra? I have experienced inflammatory sculptra nodules and if the "natural product"... READ MORE

Reaction After Three Years Can That Happen and Still Go Away?

I wonder if your Dr still injects with inflammation present. I am just at three years and still got some inflammation present will it still go away or... READ MORE

Sculptra lump in lower jaw. Will this ever go away?

I had a scuptra injection about 3 years ago in my jaw area. Every now and then I get a lump that I can feel on the inside of my mouth when I run my... READ MORE

Sculptra lot number. Is it typical of doctors to not have this information available to their patients?

I had a very bad outcome with a Sculptra procedure almost three years ago. I requested my medical records. He could not locate the treatment record or... READ MORE

Sculptra fillers in my bottom. Didn't know at the time It's getting bigger with time. Can anyone give advice?

Few years back I had my bottom lip done for little fullness, didn't ask what was injected in my lip, I noticed my lip wasn't getting any smaller but... READ MORE

Inflammation in One Area After Three Years Mark, Will It Still Go Away ?

Reaction after Sculptra still in one area but milder at three years mark will it go away? Can I in the mean time get Juvederm or will that be a problem? READ MORE

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