Varicose Veins + Sclerotherapy

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How Much Does Spider Vein Treatment Cost?

My friend paid $200 an hour for scelerotherapy. she spent $450 for her 1 leg. what is the average cost to get leg spider veins done on 1 leg READ MORE

How Long Are Compression Stockings Worn After Sclerotherapy?

Are the compression socks needed for the best long-term results from sclerotherapy or mainly to manage the swelling or circulation? READ MORE

When Can Normal Exercise Resume After Sclerotherapy?

When sclerotherapy of calf and thigh of both legs is needed, is the rest and recover time more than a week? READ MORE

How Little Bruising is Near the Injection Sites After Sclerotherapy Injections?

If it is normal to have some bruising from sclerotherapy, how long does it usually last? READ MORE

How Often Do People Experience Blood Clots During Sclerotherapy

When blood clots occur from sclerotherapy, how serious are they? READ MORE

How to Repair Bulging Varicose Veins After Sclerotherapy?

I am devastated. I am wondering how I can repair damage I believe to be caused by Sclerotherapy. I had nice legs except for a small amount of spider... READ MORE

Is Itching Following Sclerotherapy a Sign of an Allergic Reaction?

Why would itching occur after sclerotherapy? How often does it occur in patients? READ MORE

Should Babies be Weaned Before Having Sclerotherapy?

Can sclerotherapy on the legs be done while still nursing?   READ MORE

I Get Vericose Veins from Pregnancies. Should I Wait to Repair Veins Until I Am All Done Having Children?

I have had had one EVLT surgery done and it did not seem to help much. It actually seemed to worsen the situation because a new varicose vein emerged... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy Needles for Varicose Veins?

How long is the needle used for sclerotherapy treatments? Is the needle flexible? Is it a needle with flexible tubing? READ MORE

Sclerotherapy While on Accutane?

Is it okay to have Sclerotherapy performed on red spider or varicose veins on my legs while on Accutane? READ MORE

When Would Sclerotherapy for the Legs Be Needed Again?

Are varicose veins going to reoccur? How often is sclerotherapy repeated on patients? READ MORE

Varicose Veins in Calf Area? (photo)

I have a few varicose veins on inside calf area of right leg. Should I be looking specifically for vascular surgeons to effectively treat this? What... READ MORE

What Are the Types of Sclerotherapy Options?

What agents are used for different types of Sclerotherapy? Does everyone use the same strength solution, or does it depend on the severity of the... READ MORE

How Do You Get Rid of Varicose Veins That Appear Months After Birth?

During pregnancy I had no problems with swelling or varicose veins, but around the time my daughter was 9/10 months old I've noticed varicose veins on... READ MORE

Vein laser surgery in leg today. Best sleep position and comfort questions.

I just had laser varicose vein procedure today. My left leg is wrapped with ace bandage from ankle to right above the knee. I also have thigh high... READ MORE

Will Sclerotherapy be Complicated Because of High Blood Pressure?

If someone's high blood pressure is controlled with prescription medication, are there things they will need to adjust before having sclerotherapy on... READ MORE

Two weeks after having a sclerotherapy treatment and my veins are achy and tender. Is this normal and when will it get better?

I had the procedure done to treat a painful varicose vein, the vein now aches more and each of the veins (sources of the varicose vein) that were also... READ MORE

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