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A Blue Temple Vein. Laser? Sclerotherapy? Risks?

I have a blue temple vein going from my hair line to the corner of my eyebrow and I'm trying to decide the best treatment. Some are saying Laser and... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Sclerotherapy for the Treatment of a Temple Vein?

Hi is it safe to have Sclerotherapy for the treatment of a temple vein? Could Sclerotherapy cause vision problems treating a Temple Vein? ...Or any... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy for Temple Veins?

Question about Sclerotherapy for Temple Veins: If the veins on the temple drain from the scalp? This means they are outside the scull? Then if back... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on temple area for bulging veins. How long will the veins look bigger and plump until they go away?

I had sclerotherapy 5 days ago on the my temple area and was wondering how long the veins look bigger and plump until they go away, I have a follow up... READ MORE

Major Concerns for Sclerotherapy in the Treatment of Large Blue Temple Veins?

Is there a concerns with treating blue temple veins with sclerotherapy because of back flow as the veins connect to Arteries through the Capillary... READ MORE

Opinions on sclerotherapy for blue temple veins

I had a consult with a vascular surgeon about removing blue under eye veins and blue veins that are on my temples. He recommends laser under eye and... READ MORE

34 yrs old. Need help with temple veins, hands and feet. Is saline sclero better than sclerosant?

I recently consulted with an RN/PA, said they'd inject hypertonic saline into my temple veins for a very affordable price, and they had experienced... READ MORE

Safest way to remove an under eye vein?

If i stretch my skin, you can see that i have a vein under my eye that connects to a vein that goes to my temple. I would like to know if... READ MORE

Is there a strong risk for blue temple veins treated with ND YAD Laser?

If Prominent Blue Temple Veins are Treated with "Sclerotherapy" or MICROPHLEBECTOMY what is the risk of having a stroke? Could the veins re-open... READ MORE

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