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Hyperpigmentation from Veinwave Treatment

I had Veinwave treatment for spider veins, which left me with awful hyperpigmentation marks that look worse than the thread veins. Although the doctor... READ MORE

Does Sclarotherapy Work?

I'm 30 years old and plan to get sclarotherapy. do it work and what are the side effects? How much does it cost? READ MORE

How Often Do People Experience Blood Clots During Sclerotherapy

When blood clots occur from sclerotherapy, how serious are they? READ MORE

Side Effects of Vein Sclerotherapy on Legs?

3 days following my sclerotherapy treatment, I developed severe white bumps throughout left leg only (rt leg only has a few on thigh). These bumps are... READ MORE

Laser Spider Vein Treatment Side Effects/Burn Marks. Is there anything I can do to help them heal without scarring? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy (3rd time) & also laser treatment done approx. 2 weeks ago to treat spider veins on my legs. After the treatment, I developed red... READ MORE

How Much Sotradecol in the Body is Safe?

I have numerous very visible blue veins on chest, arms, hips, legs. My sclerotherapist said these can all be treated in one day. What are the... READ MORE

More Information on Effects of Polidocanol?

The information posted on this site suggests there might be more information about the Polidocanol that are used for Sclerotherapy, and other... READ MORE

I have a Telangiectasia below lower lip. What are my best treatment options: Laser or Scleratherapy?

What are my best treatment options-laser vs. scleratherapy and what are side effects-area is 5mm X1mm-husband does not know I'm having this removed-as... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy - bruising after injections? (photo)

This is my third treatment for my varicose veins. I have never had this side effect before. Now I would like to get multiple opinions on this because... READ MORE

Would sclerotherapy work on my inside mid/upper arm veins? (photos)

Hi I have blue veins on the inside left arm just above the elbow going around to my shoulder to my upper chest. Could these be treated with... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy under the eyes - side effect?

After having a treatment of sclerotherapy under both eyes, I noticed that I now have bags and my eyes are still puffy. Will these bags go away? They... READ MORE

Can sclerotherapy help me?

I am patient looking to get some sclerotherapy i have severe venous reflux disease in my legs now my Dr wants to performed sclerotherapy ....what are... READ MORE

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