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Is sclerotherapy safe?

Years ago I was watching a talk show. There was a woman on it who had sclerotherapy and almost lost a leg. She claimed that a large vein was injected.... READ MORE

How Safe is Sclerotherapy on the Chest?

I've had laser treat some spider veins on my legs and was happy with the results. It got me thinking that I should go ahead and get rid of the green... READ MORE

Is it normal to go for sclerotherapy for "years?" How many sessions of this treatment are safe and how long should it take?

A person on this forum said she has been receiving schlerotherapy "for years" with some reduction in the spider veins, and she intends to continue... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get Sclerotherapy at a Med Spa?

I recently purchased a vein treatment package at a med spa that includes 2 sclerotherapy treatments and 2 laser treatments. I'm now having buyer's... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Sclerotherapy for the Treatment of a Temple Vein?

Hi is it safe to have Sclerotherapy for the treatment of a temple vein? Could Sclerotherapy cause vision problems treating a Temple Vein? ...Or any... READ MORE

Is it safe to get non-foam sclerotherapy if I have a PFO?

I had a TERRIBLE reaction while still on the table after ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. Had a brief seizure and what appeared to be a TIA or... READ MORE

Can any unlicensed/unregistered/non-certified person perform scleropathy?

Veininnovations in Atlanta, GA has a "Sclerotherapist," with no medical licensing. Is that legal? or even safe? READ MORE

Is it safe to get sclerotherepy I blue veins on the back of the thigh that you can see

I would like to get sclerotherepy on the back of my thigh for blue veins READ MORE

34 yrs old. Need help with temple veins, hands and feet. Is saline sclero better than sclerosant?

I recently consulted with an RN/PA, said they'd inject hypertonic saline into my temple veins for a very affordable price, and they had experienced... READ MORE

Is it safe to do sclerotherapy with a clot after having catheter ablation, high ligation, stripping of long saphenous vein?

I had this procedure done on both legs 10 days ago, after developing a hard painful red spot at the top of my inner thigh I went back to see the... READ MORE

Safest way to remove an under eye vein?

If i stretch my skin, you can see that i have a vein under my eye that connects to a vein that goes to my temple. I would like to know if... READ MORE

Is Tranexamic Acid safe to take when having sclerotherapy for spider veins?

I take Transexamic Acid for heavy periods which will start on Monday. On Monday I am also due for a session of sclerotherapy in the spider veins on my... READ MORE

Is echo guide foam sclerotherapy safe in treating perforator vein problem with history of PE?

Massive PE in 2014. Likely caused by birthcontrol. Discontinued them.No longer on any blood thinners. Pain in left leg on shin since dec.2015. Had... READ MORE

Hand Sclerotherapy 1 yr ago. Is it really safe? Would appreciate any expert advice as I'm experiencing issues. Please help

Issues of pruned dry hands and wrinkled fingertips. It is very uncomfortable. Wouldn't removal compromise circulation? Wouldn't it affect blood... READ MORE

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