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My Lower Leg is Hard and Swollen and Painful After Havig Sclerotherapy 6 Weeks Ago

I had schlerotherapy 6 weeks ago. Everything was fine until a few days ago. My leg has a swollen painful lump and it is getting worse. What could... READ MORE

4 Days Post Sclerotherapy, Experiencing Pain in Calf?

I had sclerotherapy 4 days ago. I'm wearing compression stockings. I have swelling in my feet aching and pain in one of my calfs..shooting pains up... READ MORE

I Have Tiny Veins on my Cheeks, Can I Have a Sclerotherapy? is It Painful?

I have tiny veins on my cheeks, can i have a sclerotherapy? is it painful? READ MORE

I have constant pressure/strubbing pain in my upper left calf 4 weeks after sclerotherapy. Advice please?

The pain started right after the procedure, and didn't diminished since.The procedure was done on veins behind my left knee and left leg upper thigh 4... READ MORE

I had Sclerotherapy yesterday and my one leg is having pain where I can barely walk. Is this normal? What should I do?

The pain radiates from the ankle to the thigh. It feels like my leg cannot hold any weight. It is very painful. The other leg is fine. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Should I be wearing compression stockings or support hose and for how long?

I just had the sclerotherapy done at my dermatologist office two hour ago. They wrapped my legs with tight gauze and said to remove after 8 hours. No... READ MORE

What caused chronic pain and 3 soft swollen areas on the right side of my left leg after having sclerotheraphy?

I have had chronic pain on the right side (as you look at me) of my left leg for nearly 5 months.First it was painful walking but then it affected... READ MORE

What is the treatment for inflammation of the vein following schlerotherapy?

I had EVLT 7 weeks ago, 2 weeks later, schlerotherapy ( to "close" smaller vessels), 3 weeks later more schlerotherapy. Ten days later, I developed a... READ MORE

History of thrombophlebitis and DVT. Had sclerotherapy. Why am I in pain? (photo)

I have a history of DVT and thrombophlebitis. I had met with a surgeon multiple times to asses some troublesome achey veins behind my knee where I had... READ MORE

is it normal to feel hard after sclerotherapy?

This is my 3rd weed after starting my treatment in my calf for 2 weeks I had thought time dealing with the pain and for now I feel that my lower leg... READ MORE

HELP! Sclerotherapy on arms. It's been 3 weeks and my arms have begun to go numb at night. Any suggestions?

Hello, I have been getting sclerotherapy on my legs for the past ten years without complication. I asked my treating doctor if small green veins can... READ MORE

1 week post op Percutaneous Sclerotherapy, still experiencing pain and swelling. Is this common?

My 12 year old daughter underwent a Percutaneous Sclerotheray procedure in her right knee on 11/12/14 and is still experiencing pain and swelling. The... READ MORE

Very large painful forearm veins and other vein problems. (Photo)

The veins in the top of the forearms have blood collecting in them are swelling up 7/16" wide. This is very painful as both forearms feel like they... READ MORE

Pain in calf after sclerotherapy. Can anyone advise me what it could be and how long it could take to clear?

I recently had sclerotherapy in right thigh on 4cm varicose vein. I was advised to wear a stocking for 4 days but after 24 hours I was experiencing... READ MORE

Swollen and painful branch vein after sclerotherapy. What could that be?

I had scelerotherapy done one week ago in the large branch vein. It is now swollen and very painful in both legs. What could that be? READ MORE

I have a wound the size of a penny 6 weeks after micro sclerotherapy, very painful and sore in the surrounding area. (photo)

Will this ever heal? I have an appointment to go and see the vascular surgeon on Tuesday who performed the treatment what will I ask her to do ? I... READ MORE

I had injections and mine were not successful. I have had a numbing pain ever since. Any suggestions? (photos)

No one can figure out whats wrong I hurt all the time my veins are terrible I have 5 cm veins I have perfarators I get phlebitis constantly .. I have... READ MORE

What is the proper technique for inserting the needle during schlerotherapy?

I've had schlerotherapy treatments on and off over the past twenty years. A few months ago I had EVLA to the greater saphenous on both legs at a "vein... READ MORE

After six treatments of laser and sclerotherapy of both legs, I am having problems. Should I be concerned?

I also have some RLS on occasion. I have severe cramping, pain and throbbing in both legs. READ MORE

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