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I Believe I Have Hemosiderin Staining After Sclerotherapy. How Can I Tell and What Should I Do?

I am post Sclerotherapy a little over a month. I am trying to look up what "Hemosiderin" or "staining" looks like because I think... READ MORE

Pigmentation Following Sclerotherapy

I had sclerotherapy done a year ago to remove a blue vein. This caused hyperpigmentation. The doctor used tromboject. How do I know whether my... READ MORE

What Are the Types of Sclerotherapy Options?

What agents are used for different types of Sclerotherapy? Does everyone use the same strength solution, or does it depend on the severity of the... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on Swelling?

I'm a 32-year-old female, with swelling over left side mendible, jaw area, and lower neck line. The doctor suggested sclerotherapy, is it advisable? READ MORE

Prominent veins on hands & foot. What are the treatments to be followed?

I am 22 yrs old men, why my superficial veins are prominent on my dorsum of hand, forearm and foot & what are the treatments to be followed? READ MORE

After 2 Treatment of Sclerotherpy I Was Left with More Red Veins Than Before. How Can I Fix This?

I had few red veins on my upper thighs on the side and after the treatment now I have more dark red veins above the knee like big bruised area.... READ MORE

Is it okay to fly after sclerotherapy?

I had scelotherapy almost 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 days I've had a very sore lump on the back of my left leg. Is this normal or should I get it... READ MORE

I had Sclerotherapy yesterday and my one leg is having pain where I can barely walk. Is this normal? What should I do?

The pain radiates from the ankle to the thigh. It feels like my leg cannot hold any weight. It is very painful. The other leg is fine. Is this normal?... READ MORE

How Long Should Cream be used Before Sclerotherapy for Hemorrhoids Would Be Advised?

If hemorhoid cream doesn't work after 10 days, should sclerotherapy be considered? READ MORE

I had a laser treatment done by Laser by Lisa in April to eliminate spider veins on my legs. I'm completely scarred now. (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy by an MD in October to try to correct problem. Didn't help much. I'm so angry and sad that my legs are ruined! Is there another... READ MORE

I have a Telangiectasia below lower lip. What are my best treatment options: Laser or Scleratherapy?

What are my best treatment options-laser vs. scleratherapy and what are side effects-area is 5mm X1mm-husband does not know I'm having this removed-as... READ MORE

If sclerotherapy left my legs with spider veins, is laser treatments the way to go, and how much does that cost?

I recently had vein removal and sclerotherapy on my legs for varicose veins and I was left with spider veins by all of the places they took veins or... READ MORE

Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking?

Thank you to Dr Landi for answering my previous question. One more please.. Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking so that I can walk... READ MORE

How long before I see results from sclerotherapy of hand veins? (Photo)

Had sclerotherapy 1 week ago on my bulging hand and wrist veins, immediate compression and I am still wearing compression gloves. I had the 3%... READ MORE

How to remove hemosiderin staining caused by sclerotherapy? (Photo)

I had my schlerotherapy last September 2014, the result is okay except the brownish stain, i think this is hemosiderin staining. Its been 7months now.... READ MORE

Elevating legs and sclerotherapy?

I elevate my legs daily when i get home and I've done so every day for past month after getting sclerotherapy And I was wondering: could hat be... READ MORE

Pain in calf after sclerotherapy. Can anyone advise me what it could be and how long it could take to clear?

I recently had sclerotherapy in right thigh on 4cm varicose vein. I was advised to wear a stocking for 4 days but after 24 hours I was experiencing... READ MORE

How long does it take for the vein to break down after sclerotherapy?

Is the vein supposed to close down right after getting the injections or does it take a while to do so? READ MORE

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