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I Have Red Itchy Bumps on my Legs After Sclerotherapy, Its Been 2 Weeks and They Still Itch, is This Normal

I Have Red Itchy Bumps on my Legs After Sclerotherapy, Its Been 2 Weeks and They Still Itch, is This Normal READ MORE

I have visible blue veins on the back of my knees and some on my upper thighs. I want to know if that is normal? I am 16 (Photo)

When I turned 16 I started to notice these changes in my legs. Before I have never had this problem. I am really worried about this since I am still... READ MORE

Normal To Treat The "Main Veins" During Procedure for Sclerotherapy Rather Than The Spider Veins?

I am scheduled to have sclerotherapy on the spider veins in my legs. A nurse practitioner for a plastic surgeon is doing the procedure. She said she... READ MORE

Second Round of Sclerotherapy and Veins are Larger/Bluer/Firmer? (photo)

I had sclerotherapy performed yesterday on my right leg from the knee to the ankle, on the right side of the shin. I run 8 miles a day and am 24 years... READ MORE

Severe matting and spider veins after sclerotherapy treatment of several reticular veins. Will this go away? (Photos)

I have had both GSVs and Lower SVs closed as well as pelvic closures. Now I want my legs back! After sclerotherapy of several reticular veins I have... READ MORE

Is it okay to fly after sclerotherapy?

I had scelotherapy almost 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 days I've had a very sore lump on the back of my left leg. Is this normal or should I get it... READ MORE

1 Week Post Sclerotherapy, And it Feels As if I Have Shin Splints, and Thigh Muscles Feel SOre?

I had sclerotheraly done a week ago I wore stockings for four days. Today my leg feels funny as if I have shin splints and my thigh muscle feels... READ MORE

Two weeks after having a sclerotherapy treatment and my veins are achy and tender. Is this normal and when will it get better?

I had the procedure done to treat a painful varicose vein, the vein now aches more and each of the veins (sources of the varicose vein) that were also... READ MORE

Are the Veins Healing? (photo)

I have attached 2 pics from the day after sclerotherarpy of reticular veins and 2 pics from 2 weeks it working or not? Do they look brown... READ MORE

I had Sclerotherapy yesterday and my one leg is having pain where I can barely walk. Is this normal? What should I do?

The pain radiates from the ankle to the thigh. It feels like my leg cannot hold any weight. It is very painful. The other leg is fine. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Is it normal to go for sclerotherapy for "years?" How many sessions of this treatment are safe and how long should it take?

A person on this forum said she has been receiving schlerotherapy "for years" with some reduction in the spider veins, and she intends to continue... READ MORE

Is this red coloring normal after Sclerotherapy? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy injected for spider veins. It has been a week and there is still some dark red blotches like the one shown in the picture. Is this... READ MORE

After sclerotherapy to a varicose vein I have noticed what appears to be a blood clot beneath the skin. Is this common?

I had a vein in my thigh injected around 4 weeks ago and it is still painful, lumpy, and has just developed what appears to be a clot beneath the skin... READ MORE

is it normal to feel hard after sclerotherapy?

This is my 3rd weed after starting my treatment in my calf for 2 weeks I had thought time dealing with the pain and for now I feel that my lower leg... READ MORE

Is it normal to be extremely bruised with have hard lumps after sclerotherapy for spider veins? (Photo)

It has been 2 days since sclerotherapy treatment for superficial spider veins. I trusted the doctor, a surgeon for varicose veins. A horrible... READ MORE

Is it normal to have extreme bruising & hard lumps/bumps under the skin after sclerotherapy for superficial spider veins?(Photo)

It has been 2 days since sclerotherapy treatment for superficial spider veins. I trusted the doctor,a surgeon for varicose veins. A horrible... READ MORE

Should my legs be looking like this one day after injection sclerotherapy (lots of redness/disclouration)? (Photos)

I had injection sclerotherapy yesterday for spider veins at the back of my calves and today I am very worried about the appearance of the injection... READ MORE

Is swelling normal post sclerotherapy?

It's been 24 hours post sclerotherapy. I'm wearing my compression tights as prescribed for at least another 48 hours, but when I pull them down to use... READ MORE

One month post sclerotherapy. Should my veins look like this? (Photo)

Just over four weeks ago I had just my right calf done with a groupon special. The doc treated a fairly long and dark reticular vein that went down... READ MORE

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