Feet + Sclerotherapy

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Is There Fillers for the Top of Feet to Hide Veins?

My skin is thinning and I have a very pale complextion. My once pretty feet show every vein now, is there any I can do? READ MORE

Would Sclerotherapy Work to Get Rid of These Veins on a person Feet or is It Only for Legs? (photo)

If sclerotherapy or another procedure would be able to get rid of these veins, as they look really ugly. READ MORE

Prominent veins on hands & foot. What are the treatments to be followed?

I am 22 yrs old men, why my superficial veins are prominent on my dorsum of hand, forearm and foot & what are the treatments to be followed? READ MORE

Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking?

Thank you to Dr Landi for answering my previous question. One more please.. Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking so that I can walk... READ MORE

How do I find a doctor willing to do sclerotherapy on my hands and feet? (Photo)

I've seen 3 vascular surgeons, 1 dermatologist and 1 plastic surgeon who all said its cosmetic and they don't do hands for sure and that my feet are... READ MORE

How long can it take to have a reaction to Sclerotherapy?

I had Sclarotheropy 18 days ago and have just now overnight broken out with mosquito bite like bumps that itch all over that leg and foot only. Could... READ MORE

What strength of Sclerotherapy should be used for my feet and ankle veins and does it matter if it's foam or liquid? (photos)

I have had both liquid Sotradecol and foam asclera for my hands with pretty good results from the foam not the liquid. There is a local plastic... READ MORE

34 yrs old. Need help with temple veins, hands and feet. Is saline sclero better than sclerosant?

I recently consulted with an RN/PA, said they'd inject hypertonic saline into my temple veins for a very affordable price, and they had experienced... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on foot veins (not varicose)? (Photo)

I have very prominent superficial veins on my feet that are neither spider nor varicose. I think it's called the dorsal venous arch. But they are... READ MORE

Since having US guided sclero, I have two red blanching spots on my foot. Is this related to the injections?

It's looks like the kind of redness you get if you put pressure on something for too long. On the top of my foot and a spot near the big toe which is... READ MORE

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