Discoloration + Sclerotherapy

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Is there anyway to get rid of the brown discoloration on my ankles and lower leg due to venous stasis?

Is there anyway to get rid of the brown discoloration on my ankles and lower leg due to venous stasis? READ MORE

How To Speed Up Healing/Fading of Pigmentation After Sclerotherapy?

After sclerotherapy, there is a small section that is lumpy and discolored. My treating pysician does not prefer drain these, is there any way to... READ MORE

Discoloration After Sclerotherapy?

Hello, I had blue spider vein on my left calf. I went to a cosmetic surgeon in a respected hospital and had sclerotherapy done. The Dr. missed my vein... READ MORE

Post Sclerotherapy on Breast Veins, Staining? (photo)

I developed blue veins after my breast augmentation 2 years ago.I had sclerotherapy injections on my breast veins one week ago to remove them.The... READ MORE

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherap. What are the marks, will they go away and how can I speed up recovery? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherapy session and there are marks all over my legs, some are bluish and bruise-like and others just look like... READ MORE

Can I use self tanner 3 weeks after sclerotherapy?

I had sclerotherapy injections 3 weeks ago. I have the discolration and I know this can take some time to fade. Can I use self tanner over the... READ MORE

Will time heal this sclerotherapy discoloration? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done 10 weeks ago on a tiny vein only I noticed. Now the area looks a thousand times worse. I can't wear shorts I'm so embarrassed... READ MORE

Should my legs look like this 11 weeks after Sclerotherapy? (photo)

I had sclerotherapy on February 3rd, it is now April 20 and my legs still look like this. I went for 2 follow-up apppointments, first after two weeks... READ MORE

Should my legs be looking like this one day after injection sclerotherapy (lots of redness/disclouration)? (Photos)

I had injection sclerotherapy yesterday for spider veins at the back of my calves and today I am very worried about the appearance of the injection... READ MORE

Hand Sclerotherapy. I have hard, solid, clotted lumps on hands after 5 weeks causing discoloration. Is this normal?

Hi Doctors. I recently had hand sclerotherapy, which has caused the veins to clot and form hard lumps in most of the veins treated. These seem like... READ MORE

This patch of discoloration is at the top of my thigh. Is it normal? (Photo)

I have had 2 treatments of scheleropathy done; the first on October 12th. The 2nd on December 30th. She did most of my main treatment the first go... READ MORE

Hard lump and hard vein after Sclerotherapy; is it normal? (Photos)

Hi, I had Sclerotherapy done 3 weeks ago on spider veins, and I have worn my compression stockings every day. I developed a hard,discolored lump... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy Hyperpigmentation Risk?

Hello Doctors, I am a 45 yo white female with large bulging veins on my arms. Not the spider or varicose type... just regular veins. I would like to... READ MORE

Flakey unsmooth skin on face, after sclerotherapy around eyes, along with new pertruding veins.

I received a sclerotherapy treatment 3 weeks ago. I had the normal bruising and still have a little bit of discoloration. Since then, I've notices... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this discolored patch? What is the cause of it? Have it for years.. please help!!! Biopsy attached (Photo

2017-Started trying to treat-getting sclerotherapy treatments(3). Blood vessels in it, not going away-recent session=the dots and blue bruises under... READ MORE

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