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How Much Does Spider Vein Treatment Cost?

My friend paid $200 an hour for scelerotherapy. she spent $450 for her 1 leg. what is the average cost to get leg spider veins done on 1 leg READ MORE

Does Sclarotherapy Work?

I'm 30 years old and plan to get sclarotherapy. do it work and what are the side effects? How much does it cost? READ MORE

Is it normal to go for sclerotherapy for "years?" How many sessions of this treatment are safe and how long should it take?

A person on this forum said she has been receiving schlerotherapy "for years" with some reduction in the spider veins, and she intends to continue... READ MORE

If sclerotherapy left my legs with spider veins, is laser treatments the way to go, and how much does that cost?

I recently had vein removal and sclerotherapy on my legs for varicose veins and I was left with spider veins by all of the places they took veins or... READ MORE

What is the average cost of foam sclerotherapy on the hands and forearms for women in Los Angeles? (Photo)

I am a young 33 year old woman with bulging hand veins. I live in the Santa Monica area and would like to know if there are any doctors in my area who... READ MORE

What is the cost of sclerotherapy (spider veins) in NY and how do I verify that the injector is experience and qualified?

1) What is the cost of sclerotherapy in NY? 2) Is it best to pay by injections, time or syringe? 3) Is there also a trap blood fee? 4) How do I verify... READ MORE

If matting persists after 3 years, should I learn to live with it?

I had sclerotherapy in 2013 and they told me that matting could occur but that it might go away in about a year. Obviously it has been 3 years and it... READ MORE

34 yrs old. Need help with temple veins, hands and feet. Is saline sclero better than sclerosant?

I recently consulted with an RN/PA, said they'd inject hypertonic saline into my temple veins for a very affordable price, and they had experienced... READ MORE

Can I safely cancel lower leg sclerotherapy treatment after I have undergone upper leg(thigh) sclerotherapy treatment?

I have had 3 treatments on my right leg. I had 3% Foam injected in my upper(thigh) right leg and 2 subsequent saline injections on my lower right leg.... READ MORE

Spider vein in legs, body, hands and face. How much would it cost, and how can I find a doctor in my area?

Hi I have spider vien in my legs, I went to doctor, after ultrasound he told me that no vein problem and I need scelotheraby.. also some vien in... READ MORE

Prices of sclerotherapy in both legs at dr office?

Is there drs in my area to perform this procedure with experience and good results READ MORE

How much sclerotherapy costs? And how long it takes to get rid of a the blue veins?

I just had a breast augmentation and i developed blue veins on my chest 2 weeks after . READ MORE

Can I get sclerotherapy on my areolas? (Photo)

This vein is WAY more obvious and darker in person but the color and texture contrast to the rest of the area is not showing up well on camera. It... READ MORE

How is the cost of sclerotherapy broken down on paper?

I recently had sclerotherapy done and received a bill/receipt for $300 even. My insurance will not cover it unless there is a breakdown - Dr.'s fees... READ MORE

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