Compression Garment + Sclerotherapy

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Is There Any Effect if You Only Wear the Bandage/ Stockings Two Days After the Session?

I just had a schlerotherapy session last week, I was instructed to wear bandage or stockings after the treatment. I only wear the bandage/stockings... READ MORE

4 Days Post Sclerotherapy, Experiencing Pain in Calf?

I had sclerotherapy 4 days ago. I'm wearing compression stockings. I have swelling in my feet aching and pain in one of my calfs..shooting pains up... READ MORE

Two weeks after having a sclerotherapy treatment and my veins are achy and tender. Is this normal and when will it get better?

I had the procedure done to treat a painful varicose vein, the vein now aches more and each of the veins (sources of the varicose vein) that were also... READ MORE

What 'gauge' compression stockings will I need post sclerotherapy?

What 'gauge' compression stockings will I need post sclerotherapy? Should I purchase full stocking (to the waist)? Or can they be thigh highs? do they... READ MORE

Into Bodybuilding, Having Surface Sclerotherapy Done?

I've had the following procedures done:Phlebectomy,EVLA ultrasound guided sclero,and now will have surface sclerotherapy done. I'm into... READ MORE

Compression stockings for post sclerotherapy?

I live in a nyc, where (brick and mortar) and what kind of compression stockings can I get for post sclerotherapy (for spider veins on the thighs)? READ MORE

Should I be wearing compression stockings or support hose and for how long?

I just had the sclerotherapy done at my dermatologist office two hour ago. They wrapped my legs with tight gauze and said to remove after 8 hours. No... READ MORE

Are compression stockings necessary after a sclerotherapy? The veins reappeared a week after the procedure. (Photo)

I had a sclerotherapy done 6 weeks ago. Right after the procedure the veins were gone. But about a week later they appeared again. Is this normal? do... READ MORE

Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking?

Thank you to Dr Landi for answering my previous question. One more please.. Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking so that I can walk... READ MORE

is 20 - 30 mm enough to wear 3 days after sclerotherapy?

I had my sclerotherapy 3 days ago and I'm wearing a thigh high compression but it's killing me at the top, can I wear a 20-30 mm pantyhose instead or... READ MORE

Compression stocking after sclerotherapy?

I had my first session of sclerotherapy on both legs and my doctor told me to wear the stocking only during the daytime and for just 3 days. I have... READ MORE

Should I have this much bruising from Sclerotherapy? (photos)

Had Sclerotherapy to both upper thighs 5 days ago. Bruising us very bad. Using compression stockings and bruise cream. READ MORE

Is swelling normal post sclerotherapy?

It's been 24 hours post sclerotherapy. I'm wearing my compression tights as prescribed for at least another 48 hours, but when I pull them down to use... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

Hello. I'm 20 years old and had very mild varicose veins in my legs, mostly behind the knees. I went for sclero yesterday and to my surprise, which I... READ MORE

Compression stocking needs to be worn during bed time after vein procedure?

I had the benefit procedure 5 days ago and I have been wearing compression stockings 24 hrs a day , I only taking off when shower but I can't tolerate... READ MORE

Would over the counter compression stockings help with post sclerotherapy staining?

I've had staining on the top of one of my thighs, after receiving 2 sclerotherapy treatments. Would wearing the over the counter compression stockings... READ MORE

How long does staining usually take to go away after liquid sclerotherapy on the feet?

I had liquid sclerotherapy on one foot done 10 weeks ago. I'm concerned the staining may not go away, as there hasn't been much improvement. Is there... READ MORE

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