Compression Garment + Sclerotherapy

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Is There Any Effect if You Only Wear the Bandage/ Stockings Two Days After the Session?

I just had a schlerotherapy session last week, I was instructed to wear bandage or stockings after the treatment. I only wear the bandage/stockings... READ MORE

4 Days Post Sclerotherapy, Experiencing Pain in Calf?

I had sclerotherapy 4 days ago. I'm wearing compression stockings. I have swelling in my feet aching and pain in one of my calfs..shooting pains up... READ MORE

What 'gauge' compression stockings will I need post sclerotherapy?

What 'gauge' compression stockings will I need post sclerotherapy? Should I purchase full stocking (to the waist)? Or can they be thigh highs? do they... READ MORE

Two weeks after having a sclerotherapy treatment and my veins are achy and tender. Is this normal and when will it get better?

I had the procedure done to treat a painful varicose vein, the vein now aches more and each of the veins (sources of the varicose vein) that were also... READ MORE

Compression stockings for post sclerotherapy?

I live in a nyc, where (brick and mortar) and what kind of compression stockings can I get for post sclerotherapy (for spider veins on the thighs)? READ MORE

Are compression stockings necessary after a sclerotherapy? The veins reappeared a week after the procedure. (Photo)

I had a sclerotherapy done 6 weeks ago. Right after the procedure the veins were gone. But about a week later they appeared again. Is this normal? do... READ MORE

Into Bodybuilding, Having Surface Sclerotherapy Done?

I've had the following procedures done:Phlebectomy,EVLA ultrasound guided sclero,and now will have surface sclerotherapy done. I'm into... READ MORE

Should I be wearing compression stockings or support hose and for how long?

I just had the sclerotherapy done at my dermatologist office two hour ago. They wrapped my legs with tight gauze and said to remove after 8 hours. No... READ MORE

is 20 - 30 mm enough to wear 3 days after sclerotherapy?

I had my sclerotherapy 3 days ago and I'm wearing a thigh high compression but it's killing me at the top, can I wear a 20-30 mm pantyhose instead or... READ MORE

Compression stocking after sclerotherapy?

I had my first session of sclerotherapy on both legs and my doctor told me to wear the stocking only during the daytime and for just 3 days. I have... READ MORE

Is swelling normal post sclerotherapy?

It's been 24 hours post sclerotherapy. I'm wearing my compression tights as prescribed for at least another 48 hours, but when I pull them down to use... READ MORE

Should I have this much bruising from Sclerotherapy? (photos)

Had Sclerotherapy to both upper thighs 5 days ago. Bruising us very bad. Using compression stockings and bruise cream. READ MORE

Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking?

Thank you to Dr Landi for answering my previous question. One more please.. Can I cut the foot off the compression stocking so that I can walk... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy with moderate compression stockings?

Hello. I'm 20 years old and had very mild varicose veins in my legs, mostly behind the knees. I went for sclero yesterday and to my surprise, which I... READ MORE

Compression stocking needs to be worn during bed time after vein procedure?

I had the benefit procedure 5 days ago and I have been wearing compression stockings 24 hrs a day , I only taking off when shower but I can't tolerate... READ MORE

Would over the counter compression stockings help with post sclerotherapy staining?

I've had staining on the top of one of my thighs, after receiving 2 sclerotherapy treatments. Would wearing the over the counter compression stockings... READ MORE

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