Calves + Sclerotherapy

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When Can Normal Exercise Resume After Sclerotherapy?

When sclerotherapy of calf and thigh of both legs is needed, is the rest and recover time more than a week? READ MORE

4 Days Post Sclerotherapy, Experiencing Pain in Calf?

I had sclerotherapy 4 days ago. I'm wearing compression stockings. I have swelling in my feet aching and pain in one of my calfs..shooting pains up... READ MORE

How long does it take for the body to absorb veins treated with sclerotherapy?

I have always had thin skin but as I've gotten older (and probably due to sun exposure) it has gone from translucent to literally transparent. Dozens... READ MORE

Post Sclerotherapy Lumps and Staining

Thanks in advance for your help.I have had a few sessions of sclerotherapy for both varicose and spider veins. I am still dealing with staining from... READ MORE

Discoloration After Sclerotherapy?

Hello, I had blue spider vein on my left calf. I went to a cosmetic surgeon in a respected hospital and had sclerotherapy done. The Dr. missed my vein... READ MORE

Varicose Veins in Calf Area? (photo)

I have a few varicose veins on inside calf area of right leg. Should I be looking specifically for vascular surgeons to effectively treat this? What... READ MORE

I have constant pressure/strubbing pain in my upper left calf 4 weeks after sclerotherapy. Advice please?

The pain started right after the procedure, and didn't diminished since.The procedure was done on veins behind my left knee and left leg upper thigh 4... READ MORE

Bad Bruising/dead Vein After Scletherapy, What Can I Do?

Hi I have had six treatments now and I have developed quite bad bruising at the back of my left calf muscle. The treating doctor tells me it will... READ MORE

I need advice. Complication of sclerotherapy foam leaking into muscle in my calf and great saphenous vein by mistake? (photo)

Following ELA of the short saph vein in my left leg, side veins were treated by USG foam sclerotherapy. U/S, showed the foam had leaked through a vein... READ MORE

is it normal to feel hard after sclerotherapy?

This is my 3rd weed after starting my treatment in my calf for 2 weeks I had thought time dealing with the pain and for now I feel that my lower leg... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy for calf veins?

How significant is the risk of brown staining of skin from foam sclerotherapy on theses superficial vessels? The deep veins are fine by ultrasound. I... READ MORE

One month post sclerotherapy. Should my veins look like this? (Photo)

Just over four weeks ago I had just my right calf done with a groupon special. The doc treated a fairly long and dark reticular vein that went down... READ MORE

What treatment should I take for the visible veins and red stretch marks on my calf?

I sorta have a trasparent skin on my calf and i think those veins aren't varicose cause they're like vessels. Theyre blue and green READ MORE

I've had 2 US guided sclerotherapy sessions and my calf is still sore 4 weeks out. Can this be normal? (Photo)

I'm in my 30s and healthy. I've had EVLT and 1 phlebectomy on this leg. I had 2 US guided foam injections 2 weeks apart. After my first injection I... READ MORE

Artiovenous Malformation (peripheral in calf) treatments, Schlerotherapy - Burning pain and tenderness.

Seeking advise on symptoms to be wary about post schloertherapy on a peripheral AVM. I have had 4 treatments so far, and the first three went well,... READ MORE

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