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Treat Bulging Vessels on Hands

I have these bulging blood vessels of the backs of my hands that I really don't like.  What can be done about them?  Can I have them... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on Slightly Bulging Leg Veins?

I am wondering if having sclerotherapy on slightly bulging leg veins on shins (not varicose--I have been told they are athletic veins) would be... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy for bulging forehead vein? (photo)

I went to a vein clinic/specialist and they said for 800 dollars they could perform sclerotherapy on a bulging forehead vein I have. I posted a... READ MORE

Is Sclerotherapy on bulging hand veins a permanent remedy? (photo)

Have thin very fair skin and have resulting visible hand & forearm veins. Does it get rid of bulging blue veins permanently? READ MORE

What is the average cost of foam sclerotherapy on the hands and forearms for women in Los Angeles? (Photo)

I am a young 33 year old woman with bulging hand veins. I live in the Santa Monica area and would like to know if there are any doctors in my area who... READ MORE

Is there a solution for bulging veins on my arms? (Photo)

I have these big bulging vein on my arms and as a young lady can be very embarrassing. They appear more when am in heat but disappear with cold... READ MORE

Are these Varicose Veins or something more serious?

I have a large bulging vein around my ankle and another that runs across my shin. This has been going on for a few months now and seems to come and go... READ MORE

Remove Veins in Forearm/Hand? (Photo)

I have bulging veins in my forearms and hands. It's not from working out or doing any activity. Even as I'm sitting, they popout. When I raise my arms... READ MORE

New arm veins bulging after hand sclerotherapy? (photos)

I had liquid Sotradecol sclerotherapy done on my hand and wrist veins in both hands. Now, 10 days later I have a new bulging arm vein that popped up... READ MORE

Bulging veins after distal radius fracture operation?

Hi im a 25 year old male. I had a distal radius fracture and had plates and screws put in about 5 years ago. The veins in my hand and wrist have got... READ MORE

Should I do sclerotherapy now or wait? (Photo)

I have noticed some bulging veins. Saw a vascular surgeon yesterday and he said he wouldn't do anything now since they aren't bad. Varicose veins run... READ MORE

Hard lump and hard vein after Sclerotherapy; is it normal? (Photos)

Hi, I had Sclerotherapy done 3 weeks ago on spider veins, and I have worn my compression stockings every day. I developed a hard,discolored lump... READ MORE

Sudden bulging arm and hand veins - sclerotherapy? (Photo)

I am 30 years old, do cardio and yoga, and an average/thin weight. I noticed about 2 weeks ago my veins have been bulging out from the time I wake up... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy Hyperpigmentation Risk?

Hello Doctors, I am a 45 yo white female with large bulging veins on my arms. Not the spider or varicose type... just regular veins. I would like to... READ MORE

I have 2 bulging veins on the center of my forehead. I went to a vascular surgeon and he recommended sclerothrapy?

The scleraltherapy did not work. I am in NYC, any NYC doctors that can help me get rid of these veins READ MORE

Can someone explain what happened to my hands? What will help? Peels? Infrared? Fat transfer? Sclerotherapy? (Photos)

I had a "relapse" of any eating disorder and for about 3 weeks was severely undereating and over-exercising. It caused "laxity" on my abdomen so I... READ MORE

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