Blue Veins + Sclerotherapy

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Am I a Candidate For Sclerotherapy?

I'm a 24 year old female, 5'2" & 118lbs. I have had very visible green veins that don't bulge on my legs for the past couple of... READ MORE

I have visible blue veins on the back of my knees and some on my upper thighs. I want to know if that is normal? I am 16 (Photo)

When I turned 16 I started to notice these changes in my legs. Before I have never had this problem. I am really worried about this since I am still... READ MORE

How Much Sotradecol in the Body is Safe?

I have numerous very visible blue veins on chest, arms, hips, legs. My sclerotherapist said these can all be treated in one day. What are the... READ MORE

A Blue Temple Vein. Laser? Sclerotherapy? Risks?

I have a blue temple vein going from my hair line to the corner of my eyebrow and I'm trying to decide the best treatment. Some are saying Laser and... READ MORE

Is Sclerotherapy on bulging hand veins a permanent remedy? (photo)

Have thin very fair skin and have resulting visible hand & forearm veins. Does it get rid of bulging blue veins permanently? READ MORE

Is it safe to get sclerotherepy I blue veins on the back of the thigh that you can see

I would like to get sclerotherepy on the back of my thigh for blue veins READ MORE

What are the Short Term and Long Term Side Effects of Treating / Removing Blue Temple Veins?

What are the Short Term and Long Term Side Effects of Treating / Removing Blue Temple Veins? READ MORE

Major Concerns for Sclerotherapy in the Treatment of Large Blue Temple Veins?

Is there a concerns with treating blue temple veins with sclerotherapy because of back flow as the veins connect to Arteries through the Capillary... READ MORE

Would sclerotherapy work on my inside mid/upper arm veins? (photos)

Hi I have blue veins on the inside left arm just above the elbow going around to my shoulder to my upper chest. Could these be treated with... READ MORE

Opinions on sclerotherapy for blue temple veins

I had a consult with a vascular surgeon about removing blue under eye veins and blue veins that are on my temples. He recommends laser under eye and... READ MORE

How much sclerotherapy costs? And how long it takes to get rid of a the blue veins?

I just had a breast augmentation and i developed blue veins on my chest 2 weeks after . READ MORE

Can I get sclerotherapy on my areolas? (Photo)

This vein is WAY more obvious and darker in person but the color and texture contrast to the rest of the area is not showing up well on camera. It... READ MORE

Is there a strong risk for blue temple veins treated with ND YAD Laser?

If Prominent Blue Temple Veins are Treated with "Sclerotherapy" or MICROPHLEBECTOMY what is the risk of having a stroke? Could the veins re-open... READ MORE

Could Sclerotherapy or ND Yag Laser for big blue veins pose "real risks" and prove to be very problematic?

Will Blue Temple Veins or any Vein Treated with Sclerotherapy or ND Yag Laser eventually heal in time allowing the same vein to return? ..If true, is... READ MORE

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