Blood Clot + Sclerotherapy

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I Had Schlerotherapy on my Legs 2 Months Ago, I Now Look Worse and Have A Blood Clot. Normal?

I have a large hardened and painful vein with a clot. I can follow it with my finger all the way up to my inner thigh. I had an ultrasound that... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on arm vein. Do I have to worry about blood clots?

I had sclerotherapy done on a vein in my arm 3 days ago. I talked to a plastic surgeon after and she was shocked that they did a vein in the arm. Now... READ MORE

After sclerotherapy to a varicose vein I have noticed what appears to be a blood clot beneath the skin. Is this common?

I had a vein in my thigh injected around 4 weeks ago and it is still painful, lumpy, and has just developed what appears to be a clot beneath the skin... READ MORE

It is said that with Sclerotherapy there is a "High Risk" of having a Stroke. What are the chances for this risk?

It is said that with Sclerotherapy there is a high Risk of having a Stroke / DVT, both around the time of treatment? and anytime after even years... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Ultrasound Sclerotherapy for the Feet & Lower Legs? I Have Neuropathy and Increased Platelets In Blood.

Am I a candidate? I have peripheral neuropathy in toes. feet and legs. Have essential thrombocythmia- increased number of platelets in my... READ MORE

I'm 2 wks post hand schlerotherapy & 2 veins that weren't injected have separated hard/congealed blood in them. Should I worry?

They are raised, the blood in them seems "hard/congealed and is actually separated in places . My questions are: a. Will this congealed blood in my... READ MORE

I had sclerotherapy with foam three weeks ago. Should I be concerned of a blood clot/DVT and/or PE? (photo)

The injection site is large, yellowish and hard like play-doh. My concern is that I have a small area 5 inches to the right of the injection site that... READ MORE

Is there a long term blood clot risk associated with sclerotherapies that result in large clots in the greater saphenous?

I had sclerotherapy about 10 years ago which resulted in massive clotting in the the greater and lesser saphenous veins. My physician said following... READ MORE

Is there a strong risk for blue temple veins treated with ND YAD Laser?

If Prominent Blue Temple Veins are Treated with "Sclerotherapy" or MICROPHLEBECTOMY what is the risk of having a stroke? Could the veins re-open... READ MORE

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