2 Months Post-op + Sclerotherapy

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I Had Schlerotherapy on my Legs 2 Months Ago, I Now Look Worse and Have A Blood Clot. Normal?

I have a large hardened and painful vein with a clot. I can follow it with my finger all the way up to my inner thigh. I had an ultrasound that... READ MORE

I have lumpy vein 8 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment! Is this normal?

I had sclerotherapy for spider veins 8 weeks ago and injected a vein that I had since birth. It has almost disappeared but it is still lumpy and hurts... READ MORE

What is the treatment for inflammation of the vein following schlerotherapy?

I had EVLT 7 weeks ago, 2 weeks later, schlerotherapy ( to "close" smaller vessels), 3 weeks later more schlerotherapy. Ten days later, I developed a... READ MORE

Sore area remains after sclerotheraphy treatment 7 weeks ago

After a sclarotheraphy treatment, I have a scab with a redness around the scab. The spot started out with a small black spot right in the middle and... READ MORE

How can I treat these marks left over from sclerotherapy? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy two months ago and I am left with these marks. Is this a scar or post inflammatory hyper pigmentation? What can I do to treat it? READ MORE

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