Scars Treatment Videos

Head Keloid Removal in Tanzania

Dr. Stephen Weber recently traveled from his practice in Colorado to Tanzania in order to remove a large keloid growing on the back of a man's head. Doctor and patient met over the man's RealSelf post asking what could be done to remove the growth. VIEW NOW

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Skin Cancer Excision: No Scars to Worry About

Dr. Caroline Glicksman discusses the scarring she sees from skin cancers and the importance of selecting the right provider for treatment. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Complete CO2 Laser Micropeel Treatment

Dr. Dilip Madnani performs a CO2 laser treatment on this woman to address uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, unsightly pores, and scars for full facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Vampire Facial: PRP and Microneedling Combination

Dr. Dilip Madnani injects the PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, into the face as well as placing the PRP topically on the skin. He then uses a microneedling device to further enhance the results of this treatment. VIEW NOW

See This IPL Laser Demonstration

Dr. Edward Espinosa is demonstrating the IPL laser which is used for skin resurfacing, brown spots, age spots, sun damage, acne scars and more. The IPL laser can remove most skin imperfections on your face and body and leave you with even skin tone. VIEW NOW

Treating Facial Acne Scars Using Subcision

Dr. Jason Emer utilizes subcision to treat acne scars. In subcision, a needle is inserted underneath the acne scars and moved back and forth to cut the scarring attachments that cause the surface of the skin to dimple. VIEW NOW

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Dermaroller Used to Treat Acne Scars on the Cheeks

Dr. Jason Emer explains that when the dermaroller is used on acne scars, it causes the collagen to reform in this area and remodels the skin which makes the scars less visible. VIEW NOW


See the V Beam Perfecta in Action

Dr. David Shafer shares this video of a woman undergoing a V Beam Perfecta treatment for slight redness and large pores in her t-zone. V Beam helps rosacea, diffused redness, broken capillaries, acne, acne scars and large pores. VIEW NOW

Scar Treatments With Minimal Downtime

Live at ASDS 2016 in New Orleans, Dr. Jonith Breadon shares some treatments that have little-to-no side-effects and downtime for treating scars. VIEW NOW

What Should I Expect With Surgical Scarring?

Dr. Benjamin Rechner explains the healing process in regards to scarring after cosmetic surgery and what to expect. VIEW NOW

A Walkthrough on Microneedling

Dr. Justin Harper's lead skin care specialist, Karen Farrell, walks us through microneedling. Microneedling is a popular skin rejuvenation treatment used to treat wrinkles and acne scars. Learn why and how doctors use this cutting edge technology. VIEW NOW

Fraxel Laser for Scar Treatment

Dr. Jason Emer explains how a Fraxel laser penetrates deep into the skin and causes collagen production. When used on a fresh scar, the Fraxel laser can dramatically improve healing time and the appearance of the scar. VIEW NOW

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How to Remove Steri Strips After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Tom Pousti's office demonstrates how steri strips can be removed at home after your breast surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

What Is Microneedling For?

Dr. Justin Harper's staff explains microneedling, one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments. Learn how this alternative to peels and laser treatments can help treat acne scarring, wrinkles, and scar treatment. VIEW NOW

Fractional CO2 Laser for Stretch Marks

Dr. Elham Jafari shares this video of a patient undergoing a CO2 laser treatment for stretch marks. it's highly effective for scar revision and scar removal (including acne scars) and general skin rejuvenation to improve the skin tone and texture. VIEW NOW