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Treatment for Hyperpigmented Cutting Scars On Wrist? (photo)

I have about 3 cuttings scars, hypopigmented. Theyre embarassing and Im tired of hiding them. I was wondering what treatments will effectively fix... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fade my Self Harm Scars? (photo)

I have large self-harm scars on my shoulders. I have them on my wrist as well, but these bother me more. Other than bio-oil or anything is there any... READ MORE

I Need Advice on my Arm?Cutting Scars? (photo)

About a month and a half ago, i cut my wrist while intoxicated. I would never do it in a right state of mind. Anyway, as you can see from the pics the... READ MORE

Knife Scarring Left Wrist? (photo)

I have knife scarring on left wrist. Very deep on cut closest to hand. Is there a way to flatten? And could skin grafting be a reasonable option? Thanks. READ MORE

Any Treatment for my Scars? (photo)

Are there any treatments that would either get rid of my scars or help reduce the appearance? Do you think dermabrasion or chemical peels would work... READ MORE

What is wrong with my surgery scar on my wrist? (Photo)

My wrist and palm began to get severely itchy, reminding me of an allergic reaction I had to IVP Dye where only my surgical scar swelled up into hives... READ MORE

How to treat old scars on my wrist? Does a tattoo on the scar help in hiding these scars? (Photo)

I hv 9 year old scars on my wrist which has turned white over the years. I have tried to get this treated wit laser shots for more than 5 sittings but... READ MORE

I would like to know if there is treatment to erase a flat burn scar (Photo)

I have a burn scar with hyperpigmintation on my wrist and i would like to knoeknow what can i do to have the best appropriate treatment for my small... READ MORE

What to do for an oil burn? (photos)

I was cooking and oil splattered on my wrist and was wondering how to make it heal faster. READ MORE

Are these raised red bumps where my stitches were normal? (photos)

I had some cysts removed from my wrist two weeks ago and went in to have the stitches removed today. I'm left with painful red lumps Meverywhere the... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to heal my scars from an oil burn? (Photo)

I have a hot oil skin burn on left hand near the wrist. How to heal and restore to original colour? I am dark skinned oringally. READ MORE

If I apply condylox to a self inflicted cut scar, will it change the appearance of the scar?

I've been using condylox to remove warts from my penis, and notice it burns and destroys normal tissue surrounding the wart. If I put it on an old... READ MORE

May I know how to stop and heal my blisters and why my wrist turned black?

I scalded my wrist on 22 Dec, 3am while cooking instant noodles. I washed it under water for 10mins but it still hurt. When I woke up I wasn't in... READ MORE

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