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I Have Used Kelokote for Hypertrophic Scar on Forearm but Didnt Work Wat 2 Do Now Its Been 3 Months

Im female, 22 years of age , i have got cut on my forearm with blade its been 3 months now,it have emerged into hypertrophic scar,i have used kelokote... READ MORE

Costs of Treating Keloids and Who Should Carry Out Treatment?

I m burnt by acid two years doctor done skin graft,now my scar hill to much.and also itch.i consult plastic surgeon and told it seems to be... READ MORE

C section scar revision will this improve? (photos)

I had my scar revised 7 weeks ago . One side looks great but I'm worried about the other side . I now have a little fat roll here ?? Is it scar tissue... READ MORE

Incision on inside of left ankle has scarred to a dark purple shade and is slightly raised. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

My coalition surgery was to remove an extra bone on the inside of my left ankle to allow more range of motion and to help cease pain when walking,... READ MORE

Will my incision still heal flat even though it opened? (photo)

I had surgery on my face for my chicken pox scar to be removed and made into a thin flat line! After my surgery the scar then opened and the surgent... READ MORE

Itching scar, just starting to use mederma scar gel but I'm worried bc its so itchy. Is that normal?

Itching scared (surgery on my neck )just starting to use mederma scare gel but i'm worried bc its so itchy is that normal? READ MORE

Is this a keloid scar? (Photo)

I had scar revision surgery (for dog ear from previous excision of dermatofibroma of cheek) 4 weeks ago. I had allergic reaction to bond and tape... READ MORE

How to take care of post scab chicken pox marks?

I am one week out of chicken pox virus infection. Inspite of not picking at the scabs some have fall leaving behind pink kinda circular depression. I... READ MORE

I had a stitch on my brow. I can slightly move my brow. (photo)

On the stitch thare is a small bump should I be worried READ MORE

I got hit by my toddler over my forehead one year ago! The scar is not going, I'm worried (Photo)

I got hit by my toddler about one year ago when he was hyper i carry in my lap and he hit me by his head after that a little bump appear i thought it... READ MORE

Laser hair removal burn, will this leave a permanent scar? (photos)

I had done laser hair removal yesterday, after the treatment my skin felt very painful (burn-like feeling). After several hours it stopped hurting,... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent scarring after self-cutting my arm? (Photo)

I have self cutting on my arm it's not deep and i have this cut 2 days ago i have put a cream Vaseline (coca butter) and cover it what can i do else ?... READ MORE

Why am I developing scar like slashes on my belly and back? (Photo)

Hi I have started to develop scars on my stomach armpits and back and it is starting to worry me. What are the causes of this and what should I do or... READ MORE

How do I prevent scarring from hair removal cream used on my face? (photos)

The burn seems deep if that makes any sense, really worried about scarring as the burn is pretty bad and quite big. Also how long would it take to heal ? READ MORE

Teenage female. I have fragile skin, it breaks very easily and scars over when it shouldn't. Is this reason for worry? (Photo)

I (18F) get cuts and scar over extremely easily. If I scratch an itch for 10 seconds I scratch off a few square inches of skin (and my nails are not... READ MORE

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