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My Three Year Old Has White Bumps on the Scar on His Chin. What is It? (photo)

My son split his chin open and got three stitches to close the wound in mid July. It is now September and he has developed white bumps on the scar.... READ MORE

Best Treatment for White Scars on Legs

I Have a Lots of White Scars on Both of my Legs,what's Best for Getting Rid of Scars? READ MORE

What Treatment Would Help Mature Old White Scars?

I have scars over the length of my both of my arms from self injury as an adolescent. They are mature scars(approx. 15 years old)so they are white and... READ MORE

Scar Revision

Im 10 weeks into a scar revision on my cheek. The redness has lightened significantly but the incision has still not flattened out. It was not an... READ MORE

Two days after TCA Cross for ice pick scars on nose (photos)

A dermatologist recently used TCA 80% with a toothpick for crater like acne scars on my nose. The wounds are white and weeping a little and I'm... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment Option For a 15 Year Old Depressed Lip Scar? (photo)

Dear community, what is the best way to treat the depressed scar, visible on the photo? It was caused by an accident with glasses 15 years ago. The... READ MORE

I Have Several Flat White Scars on my Chest and 2 on my Kneck. Will Excision Work?

I have several flat white scars on my chest (about 6) and 2 on my kneck. They are mostly between 1 and 2 cm wide and either circular or oval in shape.... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment to Remove Surgical White Scaring

White scaring behind both ears was due to face lift as i have lost a few pounds scaring seems to have become more visible.what treatment would be best... READ MORE

How Can I Minimize a Thick, White Scar on the Scalp?

My daughter has a thick, white scar that runs from ear to ear. She had cranial remodeling when she was 15 months old and again when she was 3 1/2... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Darken a Keloid Scar on my Chest that's White? (photo)

On my chest and its very bg and bold on my chest and its has refused to get dark and blends on my skin READ MORE

How can I improve this scarring? Does this look hypertrophic? What can I do for small hypopigmented raised scars? (photos)

Is it possible that this is a keloid? Is there anything that can be done to the small white bumps? Thanks!!!!! :) READ MORE

Are there any home remedies for white marks (been using Vitix gel) on the face?

Hello doctor...I had a pimple on my mistake I scratched it and it became a long wound...its been 2 years a little mark still... READ MORE

How to Repigment a Pink/White Scar After Laser Surgery

I had laser surgery to remove a hyperpigmented scar. The laser made my skin blister, scab, and then fall off. I am now left with pinkish and white... READ MORE

Why Do Some People Get White Scars After a Wound Heals?

Is there any way of preventing white scars from forming. White scars are harder to treat than dark scar, why is that? READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Long White Scars on the Arms from a History of Self-harm/Cutting?

I also have two long keloid scars on my shoulder (which are still red/purple), and two large scars on my abdomen-- although these are almost... READ MORE

I've used veet hair removal cream on my face ( facial ) and caused white patches. Any suggestions?

It has caused white patches , uneven skin on my side burns , why did this happen and how can I fix this? I went to the doctor and they prescribed me... READ MORE

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