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What are the most effective at home remedies for lightening/refilling deep discolored scars as results of cold sores? (photos)

Two months ago I got two huge fever blisters on my upper lip. Once the infection began receding and the blisters scabbed I would moisturize the areas... READ MORE

Is There Possible of Grow Mustache over Scar?

Hi everyone.. 6 months back i meet with small accident . in tat i got small wound in my left side of my upper lip. now it became like scar. in tat... READ MORE

Does peeling of the skin with wax leave a scar?! (photos)

Hello! Yesterday night i waxed my upper lip, ended up by pealing the skin with the wax, and it got really bad, i applied ice to it for a while then... READ MORE

Surgical or Non Surgical Options to Improve Upper Lip Scar on the Vermilion Border

Are there possible options that may improve a scar I have on my upper lip. It is an old scar from a dog bite I recived when I was 4 years old. I am a... READ MORE

Will my Son's Scar Disappear?

The scar is where his mustache would grow if he was older. I put neosporen on it till the scab fell off and the started applying Mederma faithfully.... READ MORE

Indented Scar Above Lip From Dog Bite- What Are My Treatment Options? (photo)

I have indented red scar above my lip from a dog bite 18years ago would a filler help with the appearance? I would love to cover it atleast w/makeup... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar on Upper Lip? (photo)

I had a bike accident 5 months ago. I had stitches at the hospital. Some if these stitches in the middle of the upper lateral lip developed into... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove This Scars From a Fire Cracker Accident? (Photos)

Dear Doc, i had scar marks after the fire accident(Fire cracker) in 1991 , i had multiple plastic surgery in Chennai, India but face still has many... READ MORE

What Would You Suggest For This Upper Lip Scar Revision? (photo)

10 years ago i had a upper lip revision where it was cut deep with a scapel and sutured inside and out due to being hit . It looks even worse in bad... READ MORE

Upper Lip Scar (Age 31, Male)

Drs. I am 31. I am male. I have a kind of scar on my upper lip or something similar. Seems that does not exist part of the lip in these areas or lines... READ MORE

Best Laser To Flatten Scar Tissue in Upper Lip?

What is the best Laser Treatment to help Flatten scar tissue inside the upper lip without destroying hair follicles? Lip is raised. Thank you. READ MORE

Will This Scar Fill In? (photo)

I was bitten by my yorkie 6 days ago on the upper lip. I was wondering if the indented look of this will go away? It never scabbed over. I've kept it... READ MORE

How can I reduce marks caused by wax on face? (photo)

I need a help I waxed upper lip with wax strips later my skin burnt and became red with rashes READ MORE

Dog Bite Above Lip That I Got Above 12 Years Ago. Can Surgery Help? (photo)

About 12 years ago when I was 5 I got bit by a dog. This scar really bugs me! Is there anyway I can fix it? What would you recommend, and how much... READ MORE

Scar from Mole Removal (photo)

I had a mole removed from my upper lip about a month ago done by excision which was a real bad idea because it left a scar that is way worse then the... READ MORE

I have a red mark left after cold sore. Any advice?

I recently had a cold soar (a little more than a month ago) and it was more severe than normal. In fact, the cold soar went beyond my upper lip and... READ MORE

Purple Scar Won't Fade

My son (5 years old) fell off his bike 3 months ago and had to have his cut (above his lip below his nose) durabonded together by the Dr. There is now... READ MORE

How to darken scar on upper lip? (Photo)

Am african American, female, i got my first cold sore in October 2013. It was pretty big and it left a pink/red scar on my upper lip. Is there... READ MORE

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