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Scarring Less Likely Using Absorbable Stiches?

Is stitching of the surgery preferred to be of self-absobing or removable? Which one has more risk to scar? I am male in mid-60's and thinking to have... READ MORE

How Do You Know if You Are Prone to Keloids?

I am considering getting the asian eyelid surgery done soon. My worst fear is the formation of keloids. Is there a way to tell if you are prone to... READ MORE

Who is the best facial plastic surgeon in America to improve vertical facial scar from my left upper eyelid to forehead? (Photo)

I'm in search of the best facial plastic surgeon and technique in America to improve the look and feel of a vertical facial scar spanning from my left... READ MORE

Scar revision 2 years after upper blepharoplasty. (photos)

I had upper bleph and eyebrow lift done at the same time about 2 years ago, I was left with scars very visible with my eyes open, they look brown and... READ MORE

Best treatment for scarring/thickened skin on upper eyelid? (Photo)

I would like to know if there is any way to treat a little scar that looks more like some skin thickening lighter (whiter) in color compared to my... READ MORE

Scar treatment advice for 11-year-old on upper eye lid? (photos)

We were in a car accident and my son got two deep cuts on upper eye lid. One with 8 stitches and the other 5. We were told there will be scars... I... READ MORE

Had upper eyelid blepharoplasty done 1 yr ago and it left scars. My surgeon offered a scar revision by cutting them out? (photo)

Now,3 weeks after the revision I have the same problem, bumps on top of my scars,the scars are also very red.I know,it's too early to judge,but in... READ MORE

What would you recommend to reduce scarring on my upper eyelid?

I had my upper eyelids done on 12/2/14 and I was wondering what I should be putting on my scars on my upper eyelids to reduce the redness of the scars... READ MORE

What topical cream/serum works best for upper eyelid wrinkles?

I have had many chalazion removal surgeries in past. My upper eyelid of my right eye has some deep wrinkles and lines. It might be the result of scar... READ MORE

How long does it take for a hyperpigmented scar to heal? How long does it take to fade using dermatix silicone gel? (photo)

My skin peeled while waxing on upper lid. I picked the scab and this left me with a darker scar which looks as though a mustache now. I've been using... READ MORE

What can I do to make my scar less noticeable? (Photos)

I was involved in a rollover car accident that caused me to suffer facial lacerations on my left temple, left upper eyelid, and left check. It's been... READ MORE

Which cream should I use for eye scars after the surgery?

I did the eye surgery a month ago, but I have the scars on the upper and lower eyelids red. What is the best cream for scars that you recommend using? READ MORE

On the upper eyelid, there are some keloid like marks. What medical treatment do I need? (Photo)

From last 9to 10 weeks these marks are increasing earlier it was on left eye not its developing for right eye also What could be the reason ? also... READ MORE

I ran into a door latch. What should I use to prevent a scar on the upper lid area and to make it less visible? (photos)

What should I use to prevent a scar on the upper lid area and to make it less visible? I know it's got to heal. But the ER said the first 6 weeks are... READ MORE

What is the best scar fading product for the upper eyelids after blepharoplasty that I can buy online or over the counter?

This is my second Blepharoplsty in two years. It was a redo because the first one did not take out enough skins. So, I have more scars this time. How... READ MORE

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