Uneven + Scars Treatment

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Should I Have Hard Scar Tissue Cut from my Lip? Worried About Further Scarring. (photo)

Two months ago, I blacked out from food poisoning and bit my lower lip both inside and out and required stitches. I have now a visible scar as well as... READ MORE

How Can I Remove A Lip Scar?

I am unhappy with how my daugther's lips looks and would like to know what possible treatments there are to fix or remove the scar . She bit very... READ MORE

Can Uneven Nasal Sills After Bullhorn Lip Lift Be Fixed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift a week ago. The surgeon cut along the nasal sill into my nostril area in order to hide the scar when performing the lift.... READ MORE

I Had a Deep Abrasion Above my Lip from a Fall 3 Weeks Ago and the Scar Has Contracted Pulling my Lip Up. What Can I Do?

The abrasion has healed and the scar is red, sore and lumpy. My main concern is that the scar tissue has caused some contracture and my left vermilion... READ MORE

What is the treatment for scars and uneven skin texture over 10 years old caused by cystic acne? (Photo)

I had acne from 16-22 and had to use Accutane 2x. I still use retin a to stay clear. I am so self conscious. I have read many treatments and don't... READ MORE

What can be done on a scar across the lip? (Photo)

Had silicone inTop lip doctor cut across lip to remove it & i don't like the look. What can be done about the scar & the lumpy uneven look READ MORE

Will a scar revision help with the appearance of my uneven areolas? (Photo)

I want them noticeably reduced and evened. would u suggest a lift also? READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can even out a thigh area similar to the other that has been skin grafted?

On 1 of my thighs I had a burn from a car accident and I had to get an skin graft and it made my thighs look uneven. READ MORE

Can you please suggest a cream to even out the scar with the rest of my skin or at least diminish it? (Photo)

I got this scar a month ago and I work in the hospitality industry where scars are not appreciated. I really need to fix this soon. Currently I am... READ MORE

Chemical Burn to Arms and Legs

I have chemical burn scars on my forearms and shins accompanied by some discoloration to large brown patches of surrounding skin. the scars themselves... READ MORE

Scar Concealing - Make Up Doesn't Work.

Why do newer facial scars look worse with makeup on them? it seems to crease into the uneven healing skin..is there anything I can do to help it heal... READ MORE

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