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My Daughter Has a 1cm Cut About 5mm Below the Right Eye?

My daughter has a cut 1cm about 5mm below the right eye.The cut has been closed back using glue 2 days ago but we are scared the wound would leave a... READ MORE

Can you apply sunscreen directly onto a new scar?

I got stitches under my right eye and the scar has healed remarkably well. I want to apply sunscreen to avoid hyper pigmentation but the wound hasn't... READ MORE

Eye Scar After Car Accident? What Revision Can Be Done? (photo)

Hello, 4 weeks ago I was in a car addicent. The resulting scar around my eye and lid has caused my eye to appear essentially 'bug-eyed' with... READ MORE

Treatment Options For Raised Scar After TCA Peel Under Eye?

Can Anyone help. I developed a raised circular scar under my eye after a tca peel done by a dermatologist . She did 3 passes with an 8% tca and then... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of the Puckered Scar on my Face?

I had Basal Cell Ca removed from under my left eye, along my nose on Feb 20th. It was closed with layered closure. The Ca was small, but the vertical... READ MORE

Got into a fight and now I got a red mark under my eye. What can I do to make the healing process go faster? (photos)

Got into a fight about a week ago and a day later after the fight i got a red mark under my eye on both sides. One larger than the other side. I have... READ MORE

What to Do About a Small Whitehead Looking Scar Under Eye Post Fat Injection?

Sorry, don't have pic yet but wondered if you could still comment. it popped up immediately after the injection. only under one eye in the hollow... READ MORE

How long before kenalog injection in granuloma works?

I've received a kenalog injection into a small-ish granuloma underye my eye. How long will it take before the kenalog takes effect, and the granuloma... READ MORE

What is Good for Under Eye Scar (Thin and Rough), Fat Injection or Skin Graft ?

I had an accident 4 yrs back, got an scar of finger digit size on under eyes, With time thin and rough skin grown up . I have recieved fat under eyes... READ MORE

I got into a biking accident this year. My face was cut right under the eye and got some road rash. Any suggestions? (photo)

Because I crash on to the pavement, after the wound healed up, there's still amount of dirt under the skin. I m looking for procedure to remove the... READ MORE

Will this scar fade or not? (Photo)

Scratch under eye which injury superficial dermis in 5 year old boy which formed scab has been removed after 2 days accidentally and left red shiny... READ MORE

How I can remove a spot near my eyes where I got marked by agarbatti? (Photo)

I am 15 yrs old nd at age of 4 or 5 in temple i got marked with agarbatti near my eyes just below it .so what can i do to remove it.You can see just... READ MORE

I got an open small wound under my right eye. Right in between the cheek bone and under the eye. (Photo)

It took 3 weeks to sort of heal. But now I am left with redness and a bump. It is going to leave a permanent scars. And what about the bump. Is there... READ MORE

I have a scar under my right eye that will not go away. I've had it for 3 years now and it won't fade. What do I do? Please help

I had a gash/cut under my left eye that bled badly. I didn't go to the hosital for stiches, but I did take care of the wound daily until it healed.... READ MORE

How to Remove a Scar Under the Eye? (photo)

It is 11-12mm long and it is quite deep, what is the best way of removing it, is it a surgical revision or something else? READ MORE

Scarring Under Eyes of Baby?

A true, but seemingly silly story: In December, 2011 our two-year-old son was cut /scratched by the flap of a Lego cardboard box from which a toy came... READ MORE

Under-eye Scarring From a Car Accident When I was 16

I was in a major car accident when I was 16 (I'm now 42) and broke 9 bones in my face. I had a great plastic surgeon that "put my face back... READ MORE

Superficial scratch under the eye, 4 year old boy. His eye is still red. How can we treat it to prevent scarring?

4 year old boy get scratched one month ago under his eye bot bleeded at all and the scab removed by him by accedient once formed and the scratch still... READ MORE

I Have 3 Tiny Round Depressions Under my Eyes from Bumps That Were Removed. Can This Be Improved? Hard to Apply Makeup

Had these removed and it looks like three tiny shallow holes. Can anything be done? READ MORE

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