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I Have a Hypertrophic Scar from a C Section 2 Years Ago, Can Isotretinoin Worsen the Scar?

I am 35 and I had a csection a little over 2 years, my scar is horrible, thick and red, I also had mild acne all my life which was controlled when I... READ MORE

Should I use Tretinoin Cream on scar tissue?

I have facial scaring on both sides of my face due to an infection that occurred when I had a face lift done 3 years ago. My dermatologist recently... READ MORE

How should I treat my scar? (Photo)

Scar from biopsy, you can see the clear white line but surrounding tissue hyperpigmented and appear to look like damaged tissue. Scar is also sunken... READ MORE

Is tretinoin .05% the correct course of treatment for a hypertropic facial scar?

I was given a prescription for tretinoin .05% by a PA for the treatment of a hypertropic facial scar which is still slightly lumpy and raised. Since... READ MORE

Best procedure for large pores and indented scars? (Photo)

I have used retin-a for several years and have managed to get my acne relatively under control, but the texture of my skin is awful. I am incredibly... READ MORE

What method would you reccomend with these scars? (photos)

Im looking into a tca peel 25%, ive been home dermarolling with tretinoin cream ive noticed substantianal results in that but im looking for a more... READ MORE

Shallow scars. What is best treatment: laser, peel or Retin-A? (Photo)

So I have these scars from when I was a kid (sister scratched me) and these shallow scars from when I had spots during puberty (here and there but... READ MORE

What can be done to lift these scars? (Photo)

I have depressed scars all over my face and chest. I have tried everything except for Accutane. IPL, Tretinoin cream and at home micro needling has... READ MORE

How to lighten angular cheileis scar (discolorations, no more bumps). (Photos)

I've been using Hydroquinone and Tretinoin for my dark scars around my mouth caused by Angular Cheilitis, would it work? The scars are flat, all is... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Tretinoin to Remodel Pre-existing Acne Scars?

Will it take at least a year from the date of starting tretinoin, or at least a year from the time that the scars were revealed while using the... READ MORE

Does Tretinoin Cream Cause Micro Scars?

I'm 32 and have been using tretinoin cream .025 for a few months for mild wrinkles and sunspots. Over the past few weeks I have developed micro... READ MORE

I have a white burn scar caused by dettol. What's the best way to treat it?

Hi i have a white burn from a dettol burn a couple months back i just got a trenoin cream and are using s PMD couple times month was wondering if im... READ MORE

Facial abrasion & old scars (Photo)

I have pustular acne that stays for weeks and then leaves a deep, dark scar that doesnt fade for months. Also I have this large abrasion on my face... READ MORE

Can I use tretinoin .025% for a non acne scar? (photo)

A friend scratched me on the forehead a few months ago, it left a scar that is not raised nor sunken into the skin. I was wondering if tretinoin .025%... READ MORE

Boiling liquid burn while using topical tretinoin. Should I be concerned?

Hi! Today I spilled boiling water all over my hand, which I've been using topical tretinoin 0.05% on for about two weeks. Do you think I should be... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat year+ old diffuse red scar/burn patches from topicals use/premature peeling?

1.5 years ago I started using tretinoin for acne/PIH with great success, but then kept using it way too much. My skin became extremely irritated/able,... READ MORE

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